Living Healthy, Frugally

Living healthy nowadays can be expensive if you buy from the supermarket all the time.

I know it is the convenient route for many of us, but if you want to save a little more money, stay away from the grocery store’s fruit and vegetable section and opt for fresh produce from the palengke or talipapa instead.

I am finding more ways to prepare healthy meals for my family without breaking the bank and I realized that buying fresh produce from the public market fits my bill.

Here are some of the reasons why I love buying from the public market nearby:

  1. I buy local, and I am certain (almost) that my product is from a Philippine farm.
  2. I help local farmers toprovide food for their tables.
  3. I get fresh produce, and I don’t usually have to worry about chemicals being sprayed on them just to prolong their attractiveness on the shelf.
  4. I can go for affordable, versus those fruits and vegetables that went through several middlemen before they reached those mega supermarkets.
  5. I support sustainability, since I can opt for organic, if I want.
  6. I go for simplicity, since the products are not wrapped in plastic or any fancy packaging that will just fill up the trash bin and landfills.

But sometimes, especially in rural areas, there are vegetable, fruit, fish and meat vendors that go from house to house selling their products.

Now, that’s even better, I think!

Kangkong, sweet potato tops and other leafy greens are delivered to my doorstep. An old woman who sells her friend’s produce is a regular in my street.

I especially love kangkong, and I even wrote a story about it here.

We also buy fish, shrimp and squid from a man who carries them in buckets.

But there are also times when my daughter harvests from the malunggay tree nearby. I love it when she surprises me with these!

And there are also those times when my mom comes back from Baguio with these goodies — Baguio vegetables and longganisa! Yum!

Ahh, there’s so much to be thankful for. ❤

But the big goal is to grow my own fruits and vegetables. It’s a dream for now. But let’s see!

I love this verse:

And God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food. – Genesis 1:29

See you next Tuesday for another post on living frugally and what it means for my family day in, day out!

Just Another Recycling Story

Do you still remember my first post on sustainability?

There, I recounted how I turned from trash churner to trash champion with a renewed mindset, and that is, this: When I manage my trash, I lessen my stress and the stress I give to the environment.

Fast forward now, I am happy. And my sanity does not depend upon the garbage truck that comes to pick up irregularly!

Making Recycling Fun Together

But I don’t want to bear the burden of trash management alone. So it’s a good thing my daughter who is six has also caught my appeal at home.

She is most bothered when, after hearing the bell (the garbage truck is coming when you hear that), the truck just leaves.

The look on her face after that is pure frustration. It’s like a friend passed by without saying hi.

Warning: This is just another reduce, reuse, recycle story.
A simple experiment that will teach my daughter what plastic does to the environment.

So she has enlisted herself in our journey to lessen the waste in our household, and here are a few things that we will be adopting as we go along.

Hopefully, they become standard practice until we reduce our waste close to zero.

For now, I will be talking about paper. Do you have a lot, I mean, a lot of paper to throw away? Here’s how you can manage them!

Managing Paper Trash at Home

First, don’t take paper trash home. It’s simple, really. When you buy several packs of yogurt from the supermarket, you need the yogurt but not the cardboard that goes with it.

What I would do moving forward is to take the cardboard, as well as other unnecessary trappings and packaging that go with my items and dump them in the supermarket or the mall’s garbage bin.

These establishments have regular trash pick-up schedules and recycling facilities, so they are better at managing the trash they sold to me.

Second, reduce paper waste. Bond paper has two sides. When one is done, say, you printed out a recipe on one side (who still does that?) the next side can be used for your child’s doodling.

White paper must never be thrown without the other side being taken advantage of. I mean, how many trees are cut for these white paper!

I have a neighbor who buys white paper by the kilogram. Her trucks then take these to a recycling facility. Garbage lessened, money earned.

Third, recycle paper whenever you can. For example, paper napkins that are used in the kitchen can be added to your compost.

In fact, the newspaper that the fish seller used to wrap your dried fish can be dumped in there.

I read it somewhere that paper is mostly carbon so it can balance out the nitrogenous matter coming from other sources in your pile. Shredded paper can also increase moisture and the retention of water of the compost pit which are helpful.

A website however advises against composting paper napkins in general because they might contaminate the recycling stream. It’s your call. For me, I only use for this purpose those that were used in the kitchen.

Fourth, try not to use paper that much. Instead of using paper towels, substitute washable and reusable cloth towels. It’s easy to wash them, they can be dried under the sun and they are ready in no time.

My mom uses reusable cloth towels made from old clothing all the time. It’s a practice she got from my grandmother, and I presume, my grandmother got it from her mother.

You save money and you help lessen the use of paper in the house, which is great!

Fifth, allot a paper budget in your home. And for those instances when paper really needs to be used, allot a paper budget.

For example, for this week, paper for Art is ten pages (that could be cruel to a child who loves to paint!) That way, my child will understand that paper is not to be wasted because the next allotment will come next week.

When the supply is scarce, their use will be maximized. The shortage of paper makes the student more careful in doing her work — she can’t afford to waste any piece so she will plan and be resourceful.

If you know there is a limit to the consumption of these, then you will not splurge.

You Helped & You Saved

Bonus in doing doing the above is more savings (and you can even sell to a junk shop that buys these), less garbage to deal with and, eventually less stress.

Don’t we all want to handle that stress successfully, just like we do garbage?

Manage your trash right away and feel free to try out some of my tips and tricks in recycling, reducing and reusing.

We can sell this to junk shops and earn extra cash, too.

How about you? What steps have you taken to be on top of your trash issues, err, I mean stressors?

In case you’re wondering, I still use plastic at home. I don’t feel guilty about it but I am working on reducing my consumption of it. Are you in the same journey as I am? Hope to hear from you and learn some of your tricks. Really need help on this!

See you again next Monday for another post on sustainable living and what it means in my home one day at a time.

Take Things Slowly

I have recently pondered on the virtue of slowness and was totally shocked at what I found.

First, I realized I had been thinking like everyone else. I believed that the race is to the swift.

Second, I realized I had been looking at slowness like everyone else. I forgot that many of the best results of human creativity took time.

Third, I realized that slowness is a decision, and it has a purpose for different people with different goals and different values.

What do you think about “slow” people? I know some people who would go steadily through a crisis, at a leisurely pace almost, their demeanor relaxed and easy —

I love to observe unhurried people. Their peace is energizing. They make rebellion to the prevalent notion look good. I want to pick their brains.

Is Slow Really Bad?

Contrary to popular belief, taking things slow need not be bad. On the other hand, speed need not mean good.

I remember a fable by the Greek writer Aesop which glorified the steady and consistent pace of the tortoise. The quick hare did not prevail over that underdog.

I guess you know the Aesop story, WE know how the story ends.

And I remember King Solomon’s words:  “The race is not to the swift…” (Ecclesiastes 9:11)

I guess you know King Solomon and his wisdom of renown.

And do you remember when, at the Mountain of Temptation, a quick solution to the Lord’s hunger was offered to Him by the hand of the enemy. Did He grasp that hand?

No, He did not. He took the via dolorosa that led to the cross and the mount of ascent. Slowly but surely, Jesus assured our hope.

Who is rushing you, anyway?

Heigh Ho, Slowly We Go

There must be something about the unhurried pace that gives slow and steady gait a good name.

Hundreds of years after Solomon, Aesop and Jesus Christ, we have frazzled people everywhere, doing things at a maddening pace in the rat race.

Speed seems to be the only way if you were to reach your dreams.

If you want it that bad, then do it QUICKLY! That’s what they say.

But I also remember that an OAK does not grow overnight.

Sometimes, it’s good to take a break, too.

A Note About Blogging

How I wish I can blog everyday, and I envy those who do.

I remember feeling frustrated that at times I would be slowed down by my other (and equally important) responsibilities.

But now, I remember, slowness can be used to my advantage.

I realized that those times I was not blogging, I was thinking… really thinking about my life, thinking about what God is doing in it.

My daughter had been sick for days, and changes are underway in our household — so…

I was slowed down, to my advantage, I think. And my slow pace benefited my family who did not have to put up with the rush going on in my veins.

I needed to slow down, I truly needed it. And the people around me needed it, too.

Maybe you need to slow down, too. And maybe the people around you will thank you if you do. 🙂

A Counter Intuitive Solution

Funny how we need to be reminded to take things slow as if it was taken out of our common sense.

Slowing down is an alien concept that when threshed out anew seems so novel and noble!

Personally, the fruit of my taking things slow was great. Rest. Composure. Peace of mind. Depth.

The compulsion to churn out content was replaced by thinking about the more important things in life that will enrich my family, and my writing life, too.

Haste makes waste.

The race is not to the swift.

Do not grasp the help of anyone you don’t trust, no matter how quickly it may end your troubles.

There must be something in those words.

Make Haste Slowly?

Just as quickness is not a solution to any problem, slowness must also be given its proper place in our lives.

We don’t rely on slowness to solve our problems. Of course, it’s just a means to solve our problems.

In fact there are times when we need to be quick in making decisions. Some situations certainly call for that.

But quick or slow, we know that in life, there are so many ways to experience a life worth living, with the people we love, at the pace we choose, and along the path we must take.

I don’t glorify slowness. I don’t glorify speed, either. Each has its own place.

But for now, I’m slowing down to admire the flower of this bromeliad given by my beloved husband as a Valentine’s gift. And while I do, I’m not checking the clock on my wall.

How about you? What slows you down for your good? Tell me about it.

You can read about my posts about my decluttering and taking it slow with sentimental items here.

Sustainable It Is

These past months, there had been several instances when the poor, tiny dump truck supposed to pick up trash in our area would just pass us by, not even stopping to collect our garbage.

You see, by the time it reached our street, it was full, dangerously tottering on one side, without room for more.

I was angry. My trash heap was growing and I did not know what to do with it. How could they not provide a bigger truck? Surely, they knew the rubbish we were keeping were long overdue.

About three weeks ago, garbage sitting in our garage for about two weeks had begun to produce funky smells. It was terrible! Flies and other insects had begun to swarm and thrive in those bags. It was totally frustrating YUCKY!

Who is to Blame?

I was angry, yes, but a realization hit me. I am supposed to be angry with myself. I let trash pile up. I was not mindful of my consumption.

If I can manage my household’s incoming, I must be able to manage its outgoing! Sounds fair, isn’t it?

And just because the local government did not instruct me to segregate, it didn’t mean I may not do it if it’s for the best.

I can blame the truck all I want, and the town officials all day, but the immediate change I need must come from me.

I had an aha moment. Others have long done it, and I am catching up. I made a resolve to segregate and to recycle. And that’s what I’m doing right now.

A Change of Heart

My family began to implement a new scheme in waste management in our home.

Would you believe that there is peace knowing that even if the garbage collector will not arrive this week, my trash is good and manageable! Here are some of the things we do to lessen our home’s impact to the environment:

Lessen Waste Production. Paper bags are folded neatly, and so are plastic bags which are still clean and dry, for further use. We have made the resolve to continue using them again and again until they are no longer useful. Then and only then will they be thrown away… responsibly, of course.

These paper bags can be used for wrapping things and wiping oily surfaces in the kitchen.

Responsible Waste Segregation. Waste are segregated. Milk cartons, juice cartons, bottles are separated from vegetable and fruit peelings. The latter will go to our container compost for use as a fertilizer when needed.

Tote Bag Usage. We lessened the use of plastic. This tote bag mama is proud to have a tote handy whether I go to the supermarket or the fresh produce market. Tote bags can be washed easily in the washing machine or hand-washed. They dry easily, too. A cotton tote bag I’ve had since 2009 is still with me. It continues to serve me during those market visits or for carrying things around.

I saw this at an 88 shop at a nearby mall.

Supporting Like-minded Businesses. When shopping, I had begun to realize the impact of all those plastic to our planet. When shopping, I go for soap bars, not bottled body washes. I also replaced my plastic body scrubs with loofah sponges. Slowly, I will implement a no plastic rule in the house but it might probably take a long time. But at least a head start is here and I don’t intend to stop!

This loofah is organic, unbleached and earth-friendly! Truly sustainable!

Buying Thrifted Items and 2nd Hand. I now practice this principle — if you can get a good deal out of a second hand item, why not buy it? I find wonderful items made of wood, ceramic and stainless materials in thrift shops all the time so why not? I realized the more we patronize plastic products, the more businessmen will make them! And the more trash we will produce in the long run. We can no longer manage trash effectively as it is!

Composting, Composting, Composting. Clearly, this made my life a whole lot easier. Since fruit and vegetable by-products can be used to enrich my potted plants, I went ahead and imitated what many people do — make compost! It is easy, actually. There are various YouTube tutorials addressing this concern! This last one made my life a whole lot easier.

My daughter is covering kitchen waste with soil for composting.

That is my modest list, so far. I believe I will grow in this as long as I keep in mind that the sustainable lifestyle might possibly make our sad old earth filled with mirth. 🙂

How It All Began

So during (or simultaneous with) my decluttering adventure, which you can read from my previous posts, I slowly set aside my plastic items and opted for the wooden, glass, ceramic and stainless kitchen tools that I already have.

I did not buy new ones as I am also minimizing my expenditure but using to the full my old treasures. I also think I will continue using them until they are worn out. That way I can also save money.

And I began to do gardening and composting. Trust me, you will love helping the environment because simply, you are also helping yourself.

Recently bought from the nursery. Oh, love it!

Check out my posts on Decluttering and Living with Less.

Embrace Your Space

When Stuff Kills

Should I Rush Into Decluttering?

Carve Out Your Creative Space

See you every Monday for my Sustainable Living articles as I explore what this means in my life and my home.

How about you? Do you have suggestions to a newbie like me?

A Full-Attention Love

Last night, my daughter was eagerly anticipating the opening of several boxes of gifts that she knew were intended for her.

My husband and I decided to buy several items from a nearby mall. We bought a globe that doubles as a lamp, a Hello Kitty boombox, and other stuff my daughter needs for school and play.

Yes, we are decluttering, but we do not intend to hold back from buying things that will enrich us and make us have fun moments together.

Ahh, moments. Time. It comes at a high cost these days….

Day in the Life

The day had been really tiring but exhilarating (it’s no surprise both must be together most of the time when you’re with children). It was Sunday, the Lord’s day, and we had the opportunity to be with a gracious couple and their little ones.

My daughter had been super excited the day before, but for some reason, had trouble sleeping through the night. She had a clogged nose and she couldn’t sleep.

When a child cannot sleep, the parents cannot sleep, too. When she’s sick, it’s as if dad and mom are sick as well. Suffice it to say, we were up all night and almost through daybreak.

Home Remedies and Then Some

But paracetamol, a good massage, eucalyptus oil diffused in the room, chicken soup with semi-ripe papaya fruit and a glass of warm milk, plus some TLC (read aloud and hugs) really helped.

So it turned out, we did not cancel Sunday worship and the play date thereafter because she did feel better and I, felt relieved, too!

God answered our prayer for her immediate recovery. God moved, but then we were also there, used by the Lord to minister to our child and love her.

Your Undivided Attention, Please

While taking care of her needs, she had on a look of semi-surprise. Maybe she was thinking — “Mom is just loving me, no scolding right now, no talk about time, just being with me.”

You see, my decluttering adventure and other matters I had to deal with these past weeks had sort of detached me from her. Yes, I was there, but there were times I have certainly made her feel she was a distraction from the tasks I had written down to accomplish.

And that is just… sad. I looked at her face again and relished the look of enjoyment fill her. My uninterrupted attention bathed her with joy. Oh, I love that look. Can’t have enough of it…

Funny, I didn’t even notice she was already guzzling sleep to help her recover her strength.

The Gifts and the Just Gifts

Now there are gifts like toys, stuff, and then there are those intangible gifts, the best ones — like LOVE displayed in TIME spent.

I turned off the globe lamp and the CD player (we are a bit old school — and I had to think of ways to use the good CDs we have at home) and went back to her side to enjoy more uninterrupted time with her.

We both felt great waking up, secure in the love we have for each other.

Carve Out Your Creative Space

You will reap so many benefits after decluttering your space. And one of the benefits of a decluttered lifeworld is this: you can pursue what you are passionate about with less baggage under better conditions.

I am not talking about those daily work we need to do for our families and friends, although we are passionate about them, too. Keeping the home, preparing healthy meals, etc. are creative ways to serve your family.

But I am talking about those things which were set aside when you stayed at home, worked a full-time job or business and which you would do again if you had more time and opportunity!

If you think you don’t have time, make time! That’s what they say. And the same goes with opportunity.

But there’s something about clutter I want to point out in this post. Although I’ve written about decluttering already (you can read it here), I am not finished with it yet!

First, the Standard Disclaimer

Of course if you love your home and think at this season of your life that you’re happy and glorifying God where you are, or if you make your job your creative outlet and find that there’s nothing else you want to do in life, then that is perfectly fine. We grow when we do what we love, that’s for sure.

After all, creative people are scattered everywhere — from curators, to professors, to moms and daughters! And as long as we are working with our hearts and minds with the intent to make the world a less bleaker place through our talents!

So there. But from the standpoint of a mom who stays at home most of the time, things can be a little different, as you will soon see…

What is Your Childhood Dream?

Personally, though, and what I am getting at (since the subject of creativity is so broad this post isn’t enough to discuss everything about it AND I don’t know much about it either) are those things that relate to some dream, wish or desire which had been repressed due to the mundane demands of a role you have to fulfill in your life.

Do you have a hobby, say, crocheting, or a thing with words… Is your dream to be a published writer of children’s books, or a vlogger, or have a homebased business selling crafts you’ve made yourself?

Are you a musician, writer or a painter? Or maybe an artist, coach or influencer?

If you dream to be one or more of the above, let me first say that you will greatly benefit from working in a corner where your creative material can be sown so that they can shine.

True, there are people who can weave wonders anywhere they go. They can write books from coffee shops. They can make movies from old cameras. They can make a novel using typewriters. These are the no-bells-and-whistles guys. Are you one of them? Good for you!

But for a wife and mom like me who is in the house most of the time and keeping the home from sun-up to sundown, there is no other place like HOME as the venue for those creative juices to flow.

But there is also no other place like home to crush that creative endeavor.

Ironic, isn’t it?

I remember wishing, really wishing to have a bigger space so I can have a study area of my own. That way, I can shut the door and try to focus on my poems, my stories, and just write the movies in my mind!

But I allowed myself to be stopped. A lot of times, I would just postpone my work, or forget it altogether until very much later.

Obstacles for me are unfinished chores — yeah, that’s a great one. Moms, come on, back me up on this. This is a real obstacle. And chores don’t get DONE, ever.

Another obstacle is the clutter — a cramped up space with too much stuff is to blame, and maybe as much as its sisters — laziness, lack of focus and lack of determination to be productive.

What Clutter Does to Creativity

And if you have something you really want to do — paint, crochet, sew, write, cook, etc. and if nothing gets done, it sort of enervates you. Have you experienced this?

If you are a work-from-home mom or a stay-at-home mom, I’m sure you understand the challenges present when your house is cluttered and messy. You can go to my post entitled When Stuff Kills to learn more.

To reduce your stress level, I guess my suggestion (which worked for me) is to promise yourself you’ll be KIND TO YOURSELF. You can’t possibly do everything at once. Knowing your limitations is self-care.

The chores are there, yes, but we can control them. Maybe not 100% control but we have enough control to avert household disasters. Plus, we can schedule. We can postpone. We can prioritize. And then, we can delegate.

But when it comes to your own clutter — only YOU can sort that out. Not Marie Kondo. Not Lisa Woodruff. Not Emilie Barnes. Not expert organizers. Not even your husband. It’s ONLY YOU!

Why? Because only YOU can determine which must stay and which must go, but do take your time, as I pointed out in this post.

Seeking Help From Experts

I have been helped by reading books like Emilie Barnes’s More Hours in My Day and Survival for Busy Women. I also love going back time and again to the wisdom of Edith Schaeffer in The Hidden Art of Homemaking.

And let us not forget Marie Kondo and her Netflix show. 🙂

Being surrounded and taking notes when a super mom in action comes into view also helps to give me inspiration to keep on doing what the Lord has given me to do in my home!

I don’t have a super sure formula to determine whether you are a creative soul or not, or convince you of my belief that we are all created to be creative in some way.

But I believe this, humans were made in the image of God. And in the beginning, God “created”… — things were created and did not come to be without divine action, or more appropriately, art.

The Uncaused Cause — God is a creative being! That to me says so much about ourselves who are made in His image. It also says tons about what you and I can do because of our ability to create beautiful.

As beings created in the image of God, we can go to Him through His Word and prayer to find out what facet of his creative image we can display in our lives, in our homes, and among the people within our circle of influence.

Serving With our Creativity

So what happens when we, created to be creative, fail to discover or practice our creative powers?

In my experience, suppressing my creative feelings and impulses affected me, my health, my relationships, etc.

And instead of blessing the Lord with the talents He gave, and instead of gifting others with the fruits of creativity (whatever the genre or the medium), a suppressed creative will wallow in the unmet desire to SERVE others with her gifts.

Yes, creativity, I believe has a higher purpose other than release oneself from the haunting of “the project that will never be”. Creativity ultimately is for the glory of God and for the service of man.

If you are uplifted for every creative job done, think also of how others can benefit from and be encouraged by your gifts!

What is your creative gift? What do you intend to do with it and WHEN? (Note to self.)

Cafe or Your Very Own?

Of course, I am still working on my creative space but here are lessons I have learned in the process. Here’s my tiny story.

I wallowed in helplessness as I looked at what I have. Every table is occupied! My daughter uses the dining table as her study table while I use a console table to pound words on my laptop.

I can only do something productive if the conditions are right.


We can do what we believe in if we believe in it hard enough and invest time and dedication to make things happen! And this is hard to do, for some have done it (Roald Dahl comes to mind) and I envy them —- EVEN WHEN YOU ARE SWIMMING IN CLUTTER! (There, I said it. Whew.)

For me, nah.

I used to say: Coffee shop! Let me go to the coffee shop. That’s where those cool kids go, right?

Well, some people go to coffee shops to drink coffee, but for me, the coffee could turn cold before I touch it. I wasn’t there for the coffee. I was there for the rest and peace and quiet that a coffee shop can give somewhat.

But going to coffee shops OFTEN will dry up your cash. Coffee, cocoa and tea in coffee shops will strain your budget. Too much of the sweet cakes and goodies will make you sick. It didn’t seem right to me to keep on going to coffee shops to work…

So I thought, why not do it at home?

So I took an honest and brutal assessment — my home is my ONLY creative space during this season of my life — I have to make it WORK for me.

There’s just one little problem. If you’ve read my previous posts, you already know the reason why!

Now when I looked at my obstacles I found this on top: Clutter! Too much things I am keeping that are cramping up my space and draining my creative juices down the drain.

Clutter is not only physical clutter. We have clutter in our hearts, too. And certainly, we have clutter in our minds. 

(I didn’t wake up with this thought. I had to learn this the hard way. You can read my turning point story here.)

And as long as it is clutter, it will not help us, it will hinder us.

What kinds of clutter are you wrestling against?

Too much stuff in your home? Declutter and manage them!

Too much stuff in your heart, those baggages? Unload and liberate yourself!

Too much stuff in your mind, a to-do-list as long as a mile? Begin by taking one step after another!

Having determined your major obstacles, it will be easier to move, breathe and soar.

And here’s more — which I have to remind myself a lot of times, too…

PRAISE GOD for every success, small it may seem.

CELEBRATE with others, and create connections with people who care. (In another post, I would love to write about toxic people we need to limit our interactions with, especially if going through a tough time. Soon!)

REST knowing you have done your best and give yourself a treat.

SERVE others with your successes.

LOVE what you do, and make it a goal to always do.

Having done those, we can all move together towards achieving our dreams.

How about you? What obstacles are stopping you from pursuing your creative dreams? What type of criticism keep you going, and taking that next step to your dreams?

I’d love to hear what you think! Share in the comment box below!

Next post: Why Perfectionism Slows You Down… See you!

Should I Rush Into Decluttering?

The idea that you need to declutter is almost always a result of a clutter crisis in your home. For some, it is necessary to achieve a serene atmosphere and lessen the level of stress inside the house and between and among the people who live there.

If you do have enough space AND enough time, I believe you may take your time slowly and surely, and the emotional, physical and mental demands the process may impact on your nerves will be lighter compared to one who needs it for the sake of peace.

Like me. I had a major crisis before. I dealt with tons of stuff in my small space. Wanna know my story? You can read my previous posts here and here.

But whether you are of the first type or the second, there are several things here you may need to consider when decluttering.

Have a Plan in Place

Rushing into a phase of decluttering without knowing why you are doing it (since it’s all the rage nowadays, it seems) can be disastrous. You might end up getting rid of things you need and keeping things you don’t need. And whether you are downsizing or decluttering or shifting to a minimalist lifestyle, planning is CRUCIAL so you can face the challenge like a rational being.

As moms, we don’t just go ahead and get rid of our personal stuff without blinking. A lot of thought is involved before one goes to the trash or give pile.

We can however do it decisively because we are the ones responsible for our homes. And we are the ones watching minimalism videos and listening to organization podcasts. 🙂

But since the husband and our children may not be on the same page at the outset AND have their own passions and attach varying levels of interest and attachment to their possessions, we cannot just grab anything lying around (although we hate those multi-piece toys with parts always missing, or husband’s collection of cellphone and laptop cables) and dump it in the trash.

So what do we do? Having a plan to address objections, suggestions and violent reactions must be in place if we want our decluttering boat to sail on smoothly.

In an imperfect world, there will likely always be a struggle, but when we have a plan, a spiel, and negotiation strategies, we can strike up a deal with anyone to quickly or eventually (this might take time) let go of something that is no longer useful to them.

Be Sensitive and Listen

There is a kind of sensitivity that must be present when we declutter. We need to be sensitive of our feelings, and we need to be sensitive of other people’s feelings as well.

We can display empathy to the people we love especially if we know WHY we are doing it and HOW we are to do it.

For many who have shifted to minimalism, they know that that stuff can actually stop people from doing, enjoying and growing in what he or she loves.

There are others who declutter because they recognize a growing addiction to material things in themselves and would love to model a life of simplicity to their children, that is, if contentment is valued in the family.

Or perhaps you are addressing a debt problem that resulted from credit card purchases of stuff you ended up not using.

We all have our WHYs, and it’s good to communicate our values so that the family can slowly go with our flow.

And then we can discuss our HOW to give them the proper expectations and prepare them. It’s also good to assure them that others can benefit from the item.

Things can go smoothly when we know and believe in the reason why we are keeping the home tidy and clean and efficient for everyone.

So if a child does not want to let go of a toy then we don’t fuss because we have the process under control.

The other day, I set up a garage sale. You see, part of the decluttering process is letting go, and one of the ways to do this is to sell some items that are still good and might find a place in another family home.

I remember feeling annoyed that my daughter was crying and clutching an old reader of hers. She’s way finished with that reader, and she knows it, but she still wants it.

I was tempted to argue, and at the same time plead with her. But my daughter loved the book.

I resolved to let her keep it with the condition that she must prepare to let go of it before her birthday. I always give a deadline for giving up something.

Again, this might sound cruel to you, and you may skip my advice, but personally, if I see the beginnings of a hoarding attitude in my child, I will not hesitate to address it. Eventually, she will thank me, I know. Better to start early, I believe.

Address Sentimental Items Last

Marie Kondo, the Netflix sensation who introduced her revolutionary tidying methods to the world suggests saving for last those items that have sentimental value to us.

What are sentimental items?

Sentimental items are those we do not want to let go because it reminds us of important events or people in our lives. We usually cannot part with them, but we can have a way of storing them so that they don’t mix in with all the clutter we have at home.

These can be wedding photographs, baby’s first booties, or the last picture you had with your grandmother. Sentimental items are emotionally charged we’d rather take our time with them.

Are you the type who easily gets distracted and stuck when confronted with a sentimental item? I am.

The Konmari Method is not saying we should let go of sentimental items if we are wrestling with guilt feelings in parting ways with them. Instead, she says, if they give us joy, we should keep them by all means!

Marie Kondo says we can put sentimental items in a box that “sparks joy”, give it a special place in the house and KEEP IT.

Come to think of it, we can actually give it a home when we have said goodbye to the non-essentials first.

Address Passion Projects Thoughtfully

Professional organizer and blogger Lisa Woodruff came up with a term called “Passion Projects” which include those items we love to use in line with the hobbies or activities we are passionate about.

If you love painting, gardening, fishing, reading, and have an entire collection of tools and things for that passion, you don’t need to rush anything in organizing those or downsizing those. Like sentimental objects, we can put them among the last ones we organize.

How do we know if it’s a passion project? According to her, you know it’s a passion project you’re dealing with when the person says: “You’re not touching my shell collection.”

The other day, my husband looked around and appreciated the result of my decluttering adventure. But he was gentle to remind me that I have a lot of books.

I was immediately up in arms. Clearly, Books = Passion Project.

You see, I have not touched the books YET (I’m getting there), and have not allowed anyone to touch my books.

My inner defense lawyer was suddenly framing arguments when I realized he was right. My books are not exempted.

My husband knew I loved my books but he also knew that too much of what you love in a small space can be difficult to manage. Listening to Organize 365 especially Liza Woodruff’s approach on passion projects was a breath of fresh air! Eventually, I can now take a look at my books and not feel guilty about dealing with them, even if it meant selling or giving them away.

How is Your Decluttering Adventure so far?

I have shared ideas that worked for me in decluttering without rushing through it without a plan in place and strategy at every turn. Knowing what you need, what you love, and WHY you are doing it are key to a low-stress level and highly enjoyable experience tidying up your space to greatness.

No matter the obstacles you are facing or may be facing in the future should you decide to downsize and declutter, remember this:

Ultimately, ridding your home of things you don’t need and you don’t want will benefit everyone.

Next post is Carving Out a Creative Space. Watch out for it! 🙂

When Stuff Kills

I once thought a lot of stuff can help me, which is true at some point, but what I failed to realize is that the reverse can also be true: a lot of stuff can kill you!

The stuff that you can manage is the type that can help you, encourage you, uplift you.

But there’s that species that you can’t handle, and it ends up OWNING and MANAGING you, your time and your life.

Too much stuff of the second kind can suffocate you, hinder you and leave you stuck in a rut of your own doing that growing relationally with people you love and growing in what you are passionate about can become literally an impossibility.

Before you realize you are consuming too much, you may have already bought so many things to cramp up your space to the point of overwhelm.

But then, light bulb moment — you think of a band-aid solution — STORAGE.

The Thing About Storage

You go to a store and you find every kind of storage imaginable. Japan Home, Daiso, Miniso, Handyman, Ace Hardware, etc. — they all have these great storage items and organizers and you got to get one. Feeling good about yourself, you grab five of them, for stacking up, you say.

There’s nothing wrong about storage, so don’t get me wrong. I love storage solutions. But without handling the decluttering process first, you’ll end up storing tons of stuff you don’t need and the purpose of your storage plans is defeated!

Storage is still STUFF. Plus, it will add up to and encourage the accumulation of more STUFF!

So now when you go home, you realize you don’t have enough of them, or they don’t really work, or they don’t match the walls, etc.

Suddenly, and quickly, you are back to where you began. You find out that your storage ideas have failed you.

You see, the thing about storage is that it will not solve ANY problem if you are already at the point of overwhelm. So what do we do when we are overwhelmed?

Are you a Steward or a Slave?

The Bible says in Psalm 61:2:

“… when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”

So again, we go back to the heart. It is a heart issue after all. But what is the cause of overwhelm? Perhaps we are loving our stuff too much even if we can’t keep home functioning properly anymore with tons of them.

Or we are filling up an emptiness deep within that only Jesus can fill? I don’t know your reasons. But I remember that the Lord wants us to be good stewards of our resources, not slaves!

Only you can say when your stuff has turned into an idol of some sort. Or if your idol has grown hands to clutch your heart and convince you that you can’t part with it.

Question is, will you allow these things to stay at the expense of your sanity and productivity?

Arranging, rearranging, labeling, cleaning up, repairing, boxing, organizing, sorting — don’t these words just tire you?

Now imagine a cabinet of clothes or a stack of boxes that you need to fumble through to look for a shirt you want to wear or a tool you want to use.

You will need to put those drawers and boxes upside down to get to your item. When your item is found, you would need to put the contents back in! How tiring that is. And time consuming, too.]

A lot of people now realize the value of living with less. And I believe them. With a plan and a purpose, living with less can be a lifestyle you may find viable.

Change is Welcome Here

I cannot believe I have allowed myself to lose so much time arranging, rearranging, labeling, cleaning up, dusting, repairing, boxing, organizing, fumbling, and sorting stuff 90 percent of which I rarely even use!

I cannot believe for so long I have allowed myself to be enslaved by things which robbed me of valuable time with the Lord, my family and doing things I am passionate about!

But by God’s grace, in the middle of a crisis, I realized: SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE.

It’s not the house, it’s not the space, it’s not other people — it’s ME.

Are You One of Us?

Let me give you some of the ways too much stuff is slowly killing you. I’m pretty sure you can relate to one or some of them, if you’re one of those people who now want to live quality lives with less stuff (which is possible, actually!)

As a dad or mom, you may think you need to find a home-based job as you are tired of that daily commute, but the chores — whoa, there’s too much to tidy up you can’t move on from there. You can’t even set up a home office!

Or you may have a hobby that is satisfying to you. It makes you relax after a long day. You want to do it, and perhaps earn from it, but the constant arranging, cleaning up, or picking up of clutter in your home present real barriers to your progress.

Or, maybe you have a business idea, which you want to develop, but your desk is cramped with piles and piles of paper unsorted from years ago there is no way you can think clearly with all those documents and books surrounding you. Opportunities are lost as the clock tick tocks away.

Was it obvious I was talking about myself? Was I talking about you, too?

It’s Time to Make Space

When I was sizing up my own home, I realized we had way too much possessions in so little space and stuff was killing me. Hubby is okay, he’s been a minimalist for so long. But my daughter and I had way too much it wasn’t doing us good.

So I prayed to God to help me. Remember my prayer in the previous post? God answered that! He led me to a place of contentment in what I already have. Sure, He’s not finished with me yet, but surely, now I’m partnering with His decluttering work in my life.

So let me ask you question: Will you fight for your own space like life itself and conquer the obstacles that too much stuff has placed in front of you?

To be continued… 🙂

Embrace Your Space

Living in a tiny house can be quite challenging especially when you can’t find joy in it.

For quite a while, I have not been joyful in my space. I was discontented and wanted more legroom, elbow room, just more room.

And because of that, my health, my faith and my productivity as a spiritual, social, creative and thinking being suffered.

I became a difficult person because I had a cluttered home.

And because of the clutter, I couldn’t do ANYTHING CREATIVE that could make me happy in my space.

I believe I am a creative person, but my creativity was hindered.

Yes, I was still doing the chores, loving my husband, homeschooling my child, but something was missing.

I neglected my poems, I neglected my music, I neglected my reading, I neglected my job.

Yes, I was giving out things now and then to reduce my stuff but nothing changed. I was feeling stuck in a space that I didn’t like with stuff that suffocated me but couldn’t let go of.

Change Did Come…Softly

But God changed my heart. God targeted my heart. Change started there.

It wasn’t some outward change that had happened. It was more of understanding God’s word in Luke 12:15. It was more of heart change. Only God can do that!

“Then He said to them, “Beware, and be on your guard against every form of greed; for not even when one has an abundance does his life consist of his possessions.””

Fast forward now, I can truly say that I feel happy in my space, regardless of how tiny it would seem to some and it won’t be long for it to be a space where I can do what I am most passionate about!

By God’s grace, I was awakened, I chose to be happy, and with a little help from expert advice from YouTube and Marie Kondo’s Netflix show, I did it!

30 Square Meter Life

Yes, I live in a 30 square meter indoor space with a wide-enough area for gardening outside and I am loving it! But how did my mindset change from sad and discontented to elated and excited?

Let me tell you how.

The first time we moved in the house, we couldn’t move around. We needed to downsize, and we thought decluttering would come easy.

The space is tiny, and our apartment in the city where we were coming from was more or less three times bigger than what we have.

But at the end of the day, doing the math, we realized we could not afford it.

So from Timog Avenue, we moved to a small space which is being loaned to us with the obligation of upkeep.

So we said YES to our generous benefactor!

And aside from that, living in a semi-rural area overlooking the city is such an inducement I immediately had hopes of publishing a book idea that’s been there for years, raising organic vegetables and setting up a flower garden for my family while there.

And I did just that.

Well, wait a second, NOT YET.

I tried but the discontent that began to creep in stopped me in my tracks to growing living things in my life and in my backyard.

You see, I didn’t realize we had so much stuff. How in the world did we accumulate too much?

Downsizing is such a buzzword nowadays. We liked the idea at first. We thought well, if they could do it, WE could do it.


Three years. It took me three years. Three Christmases. Three birthdays for three persons. Three Wedding Anniversaries. Three dragging long years to realize that to act on it.

When You Couldn’t Let Go

Possessions had to be considered in the equation. And boy, the problem was hard to solve.

It was hard to let go. I didn’t know how to process clutter. I didn’t want to start parting with things.

Looking at the blank space without our things in it proved enticing, but when the stuff had to be stuffed in there, my happiness level dwindled close to zero.

I was miserable. I was sad. For quite a while, I was just maintaining my space, moving things around, making room.

I was not creating BEAUTY in my home.

So I prayed to the Lord. I said: “Lord, help me! I’m stuck in this tiny house and I couldn’t breathe! I love you, Lord, but honestly, I find it hard to be thankful right now.”

My husband knows my dilemma. I love the location, but I didn’t love the abode.

And my constant source of stress is him reminding me to declutter, but that word for me was foreign, I couldn’t understand it!

We would argue about it, and I would eventually have my own way — keeping the stuff. But I knew in my heart he was right. My husband is right. And my home is a reflection of my hope. Where is my hope to be found?

The Lord dealt with my contentment issue. At the moment, I am proud to say that I have adulted and adulting is also responsible for the fact that early in the morning when I wake up, I love what I see. At night, before going to sleep, I pick up a broom and mop to clean my floors because I love my floors.

I love my bed, I love my table, I love my lamp, I love the soft rug, I love the art on the wall. I love my books on the shelves and I love being with the people I care for the most.

And for my daily morning routine, I go out and thank the Lord for the plants outside, hum a hymn of praise, smell the fresh air that surrounds me and enjoy the pleasure of listening to the repertoire of tropical birds who live in nearby trees.

But it was a long process. It was not a pressure cooker type of thing, but a slow cooker type of thing. This joy was not instantly found, but I fought for it, and God was good to give it to me IN HIS OWN TIME.

When He did, things changed. With a new perspective, ideas started to take shape. I began to embrace my space and feel, just feel, that as I love it, it loves me back.

To be continued… 🙂

You Don’t Have To

Photo by Pixabay on

(a poem for my friends who feel alone)

You don’t have to tell me,

You don’t have to say a word,

Your actions tell it all —

Life’s been tough and you can’t move.

I don’t want you to feel sorry,

Please don’t feel you’re in a crowd,

You are family, you are with me,

You are loved, and you are home.

I know you’re lonely, but don’t you feel

Like you are ever alone;

Don’t fake a smile, but you can try!

I have a shoulder to cry on.

Only Jesus, only Jesus

Can explain those lonely years,

But I am here to hear your story

Here to pray your tears away.

My Morning Basket

As a homeschooling mom, I can pretty much be flexible in my approach to teaching my child. Currently, I am the teacher in this home school, so my level of control over the activities is high.

I do the scheduling, I set up routines, and guess what, I can even innovate and forget about the homeschool planner altogether.

But on those days when there are no unexpected events and sudden life changes, we pretty much follow a routine.

But let me just say that though most of the time I try to be flexible, and routines for me are open to adjustment (say, the time we start and the time we end, or the time I give to her to finish an activity, or whether I just want her to soak up just two or three subjects a day instead of more), I swear by the importance of having a morning routine to jump-start your home school day. For me, it is one of the non-negotiables!

The Homeschool Morning Basket

Routines are important for my little girl. She is a stickler to schedule. And she honors her To Do List (every box must be checked by her during the day). I don’t need an alarm, I don’t need a reminder — my child is there!

So in the morning, she reminds me of our basket before I try to dive into Math, our first subject. She loves Math, and she enjoys her workbook BUT she’s got a schedule and she loves reminding Mom that the basket comes first.

Isn’t that amazing? 🙂

We are a Christian homeschooling family so we believe to “seek first” the kingdom of the Lord before doing anything else. And our morning basket reflects just that — for after all, we know that we were made to do all for the glory of Him in whom we live and move and breathe!

A Short Background of the Basket

The concept of the morning basket is not new. I got it from seasoned homeschoolers who also blog about how it helped them with their homeschool.

Most of the moms who have praises for the morning basket follow the Charlotte Mason approach to educating the child. The morning basket puts to practice the theory of Mason that children need “liturgy” even in the homeschool. The liturgical atmosphere, when injected in the homeschool, helps prepare the teacher’s and the student’s heart and minds for the day of study. It not only sets the pace, but also reminds everyone of the reason why we homeschool.

Cindy Rollins (who coined the name “Morning Time”), Pam Barnhill (seasoned blogger), Sarah Mackenzie (author of Teaching From Rest) are key proponents of the Mason-inspired approach.

My Basket Raid Challenge

Our Morning Basket, Delivered Fresh Daily 🙂

The books in my basket are the following:

An Old Hymn Book (from my husband)

I have a hymn for every week and we sing it before we open in prayer and later, to close in prayer to conclude our morning time.

Tip: To gently usher in the day, I play the hymn through YouTube and she knows that by the time it is finished she is where she needs to be and ready to start.

Frequently, though not always, we get acquainted with the hymn writer, and look a little into his/her background. Once, we read a few pages of Fanny Crosby’s biography. This my daughter enjoyed so much as it made the beloved hymn writer come alive to her.

She first learned about Fanny Crosby when we listened together to the Psalty’s Hymnological Adventure album!

The Holy Bible (Zonderkids, NIrV Version)

She uses an “adult” Bible at this point. She calls it an adult Bible because it has the Old and the New Testament in it and it’s heavy. 🙂

It’s never too early to teach her how to look up a chapter and a verse from the Holy Bible. Like a Look and Find Book, I make her “hunt” for the passage and find that adds a bit of excitement to our Bible reading.

To prepare her for this task, I taught her a song which I learned from my aunt the lyrics of which enumerates the books of the New Testament in order. As for the Old Testament, she starts at the Table of Contents.

Ultimately, it is really my hope that as my child reads the Bible, she will learn more about Jesus, trust in Him, and make the Bible her go-to book for faith and practice as she grows up.

Adventures in Other Lands (A Beka Book)

This book is actually a Speed and Comprehension Reader by A Beka. It’s for Grade 4 students but since my daughter loves it and I find that she is already around this level in her reading and comprehension skills (though she’s still in the First Grade), I see no harm in using it now. (Flexibility, remember?)

What I like about this book by Matilda Nordtvedt are the stories of missionaries, and children from non-Christian countries who trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ no matter the cultural challenges involved in doing so.

The stories are short, many times wrought with taleas of adventure and danger, but the message is clear and it is just what we need to be encouraged in our faith journey.

You Can Change the World by Jill Johnstone (OM Lit)

An old book sourced from a thrift shop. I love this book because like Adventures in Other Lands, it helps my child learn to pray for people around the world. Character, Bible, History and Geography are all integrated here when we study this book, along with Adventures in Other Lands, Young Learner’s Festivals and Celebrations (Young Learner’s Publications) and the Dorling Kindersley Picture Atlas (which we also have in our basket).

The Christian Mother Goose Treasury by Marjorie Ainsborough Decker (C.M.G. Productions, Inc.)

Here, I choose a poem with a character/moral focus related to The Family Book of Manners that we also use in our Morning Basket. I just read a page of the latter, say, about the importance of taking care of the body we live in (page 27) and then go to a poem from The Christian Mother Goose Treasury to illustrate a point.

My daughter loves poetry, whether it is read to her or when she reads poetry by herself. Frequently, I read a poem appropriate for our topic and then she volunteers to read one she chooses.


How you do your morning basket depends upon your persuasion and presuppositions (beliefs) and your time. As for the materials, if you think you don’t have the books you need for this, don’t worry — there are lots of resources from the internet which you can print out, or read from your tablet or laptop. You may also play songs from YouTube but do make sure that these are not videos that will distract your child from focusing on your message for the day.

After all, the morning basket is an aid to student focus and concentration, as well as a tool to set a comfortable pace for the entire homeschool day. Digital addiction is real and if screen time is not managed early in the morning, it could adversely affect the tone and the direction of your homeschool.

In a nutshell, I say the Morning Basket is a gentle breeze that gives a boat a push as it leaves the harbor at daybreak. It is simple, it is short (we do it for one hour, that for us is short!) and it is sweet as we start the day in the presence of the one from Whom all blessings flow.

Learn Group Basics for Homeschoolers

If you are homeschooling, chances are you are now part of a learn group. Some call it a homeschool co-op. Have you heard of these terms before?

If you are considering homeschooling, may I suggest it will be good to be part of a community.

A learn group or a co-op is basically a community of like-minded parents and their children who have decided to take the homeschooling journey together in a level of involvement with each other that depends upon the needs of each family.

It’s good to be in a learn group because it’s hard to travel alone.

I am just so blessed to be part of a learn group. I cannot tell you how much help I have received being part of it. It’s an answered prayer for me to be in a learn group that shares and cares!

But I guess my daughter loves the learn group way more than I do! She loves to play with her friends and she loves listening to her ates and kuyas who treat her like a little sibling.

So if you’re considering the homeschooling route to educating your child or children, let me tell you some of the benefits you will receive when you join a community.\

Disclaimer: These are my personal experiences. It just so happened that I have been so blessed to be with such generous, savvy and wonderful people in my learn group and our leaders (who are also academic advisers) are seasoned homeschoolers who love what they do, know what they do, and pray for what they do!


That is easy enough. You will have like-minded people to learn with, have fun with, and tackle the challenges of homeschooling together. Many of them will become your close friends. Many of them will pray for you (if you are into that thing), many of them will care enough to help you by recommending materials, tutors, tips and tricks to you.

And when you receive, it is almost impossible to withhold — you find yourself sharing what you can, too, to help the community work. Whether it be talents, stuff or food — oh, potlucks with them are so much fun. Everyone is into sharing and loving it.


When you are with a group who cares for you and your child, accountability becomes natural. Some parents don’t like to be accountable, or if you are the type to want to do your own thing, you can do that too by limiting your involvement with the group or the involvement of the group with your life. But for me, I make myself accountable to other moms who are way more experienced than I am. I am helped when I do that.

For example, a mom who is homeschooling several children who is particularly experienced say in disciplining a selfish child can give me a thing or two when my daughter finds it hard to share or to work with a group. The next time we meet, I can chat with her again and tell her a thing or two about how my child learned to share in a particular situation.


What kind of support do I receive which are not specifically included in Fellowship and Accountability? Well, in learn groups, you can sign up as a group to classes and get big discounts. For example, my learn group has tied up with teachers and professionals who handle theater training classes, a Biology class for high school, a speech and debate class, writing classes, art classes and music classes.

As a parent I have the option (depending on my needs and that of my child), to choose where to enlist my daughter. You may feel like you need to join everything but really, you are wise to choose only what you need. I also love the fact that while you’re into this, your children can continue to bond with other children — peers, ates and kuyas who have the same passions and interests.


And to top it all off, there’s this kind of excitement when you are part of a dedicated, dynamic and talented parent-teachers! Anything can happen! You are together when planning activities. You are together when executing activities! And when it’s time to have a little fun, you can go to a field trip!

Dedication goes a long way — because learn groups must work and for it to work, we have to pitch in, roll our sleeves and contribute what we can to make it work. Not once, not twice, but regularly!

Dynamic people make learn groups fun — and that’s because they always think of the box and look for ways and means to make every activity or meeting something to remember.

Talented parent-teachers are in abundance nowadays, and I have observed that much talent comes out for the love of their children. Some are so good at crafts, some are so good at project management, some are really pros in organizing events. All for the sake of their children, they joyfully pitch in with whatever God-given talent they have!

Great, isn’t it?

For now, I have those four main things. Are you part of a learn group or a co-op? What do you have that I have not mentioned?

I hope you decide to join a learn group. And I’m sorry if my learn group makes you envious, just in case you are in one and you are not satisfied with yours.

But don’t fret! You can encourage other parents by sharing what you know, what you can, what you have with them. Showing that you care not only for your child but for everyone in the learn group is also crucial in making it the best learn group ever, for certainly, what you say and do can encourage others around you.

Think about this: what would your learn group be like if all of the members were just like you?

Office Schooling

Today, we will be office schooling. Huh? I hear you saying. This might be unfamiliar terrain for you. You might have heard of home schooling, but wait, office schooling?

If you’re a working mom, you can office school if your company permits and if your work is the type that can wiggle enough room for it.

That said, may I say that it is still a type of unconventional schooling (meaning: you are the primary teacher 🙂 ) though for us, we do this rarely nowadays for some reasons I’d probably talk about in future posts.

Why am I doing this post? Well, I just wanted people to know that office schooling is possible! If you’re considering home schooling but have to go out at times to meet clients or have an 8-5 job, you should know that office schooling is possible, provided you get clearance from your boss.

If you have your own office, and you are your own boss, well, that would be easier I guess. It’s a choice you may have to make if you find home schooling enticing.

Personally, I can do my work from home, so I don’t usually go to the office to teach my child unless a client needs to talk to me personally. Like today. A client from Quezon will visit the office. I’m excited to meet her again and perhaps, taste some goodies from her town? 🙂

So today, we are office schooling and here are the things I will be bringing:

My Homeschool Planner

When homeschooling on-the-go, one has to be flexible. Reliance on structure can be relaxed. This mindset must be in place or the teacher-parent might be overwhelmed, especially since a client meeting may last longer than planned, and be more stressful than imagined. 🙂 Still, it is good to stick to a schedule, both in meeting up with a client and in teaching a child.

Easy to Carry Books and Workbooks

While homeschooling at home affords a teacher-parent the luxury to use those thick workbooks and textbooks, it is wise to travel light when office schooling. You may opt to photocopy a page of your textbook or workbook which you will use for the day, or, like what I’m used to doing — bringing in the reinforcements — my easy to carry workbooks. I rarely carry textbooks when I go to the office with my child since they are heavy.

If you do opt to regularly office school, you can leave your materials on a shelf in your office, or a box. That way, you don’t have to bring materials daily in your commute.

Paper for Copywork and Dictation Exercises

I try to keep her copywork sheets and dictation exercise sheets uniform. This makes it easy for me to compile them for portfolio reviews and submissions. So I bring these sheets with me.

Extra Paper for Cutting and Folding, etc.

I also do like to bring extra sheets where she can doodle or draw, or colorful paper to fold and cut as she pleases. The office is the last place in the world where you can find colorful paper! But you can always innovate and can definitely use old magazines from your office for cut-outs and recycled paper (bond paper with print at the back) for your child’s art activities.

A Book Your Child Wants to Read Just Because

I also let my child choose a book she wants to read. Lately, she’s been into the Horrible Geography titles, so I let her get a book she likes for when she is “bored”.

A Small Toy She Wants to Bring

Again, she just might want a small toy to bring for when she is “bored”. She’s a child and staying at the office can be too stressful for her type. She’s usually allowed a toy or two, as long as it doesn’t make too much noise and small enough to fit her bag. It’s a rule: she carries her toys and books by herself, so here, she needs to choose wisely!

This is office schooling for me, in a nutshell. Oh, and by the way, I try to take her to a coffee shop afterwards so we can sip a cup of cocoa together after working hard! We’re a team, and we celebrate a day’s worth of study and work at the same time!

Ahh, flexibility. I just love having a wide range of options when it comes to teaching my child. I mean, there are a lot of things we cannot control but certainly, once you get the hang of homeschooling and when you see the benefits of it, you find that your elbow room is quite wide.

Plus, you can proceed with your homeschooling day successfully, no matter the demands on your work or personal life. The place of study becomes immaterial, actually. After all, as they say, the world is your classroom when you homeschool.

Magandang Umaga

Isa sa mga mabubuting asal sa loob ng isang pamilya ang pagbati sa mga kasama sa bahay ng Good Morning sa umaga.

Sa sobrang aga kong nagising ngayon, wala akong mabati agad.

Kaya minabuti kong i-Good Morning si Lord.

Ikaw, nagu-good morning ka rin ba kay Lord?

Nasabi ko na dati na kasama sa aking morning routine ang paghello kay Lord.

Tulad ng isang matalik na kaibigan, binabati ko Siya araw-araw.

Well, higit pa Siya sa matalik na kaibigan.

Tumpak ang mensahe ng kantang “You are my all in all” sa aking buhay. Totoo — He is my all in all.

Good morning, Lord! Ahh, kaysarap bigkasin.

Marami akong narinig na hindi na nagisnan ang bagong taon. Sa aking tala, may tatlong tao akong nabalitaan na naatake sa puso nitong mga nagdaang araw.

Kung tayo ay may Good Morning, Lord pa, ibig sabihin tayo ay buhay pa.

Salamat, Lord — ang buhay ko talaga ay hawak mo!

At hindi lamang yung masaya tayo dahil humihinga tayo. Masaya tayo dahil may buhay tayong walang hanggan kay Kristo.

Yun naman eh. Yun naman talaga.

Hindi ko alam kung naniniwala ka diyan, pero yan ang paniniwala ko.

Sabi ni Kristo: “I am the way, the truth and the life.” Via, veritas, vita.

At kasabay ng :Good Morning, Lord,” isunod na rin natin ang “Thank You, Lord!”

Ako masaya ako ngayon kasi maaga akong nagising. At dahil doon, nakapaglaga ako ng saging at mais.

Mura ngayon ang saging. At bagong pitas naman ang mais na nabili ko kahapon sa Parang Market.

Kahit medyo gabi na ako nakabili, okay naman, nabili ko pa rin ang mga kailangan namin.

Medyo natagalan kasi kami sa Hi Top Supermarket kahapon. As usual, sobrang haba ng pila doon. Marami ding good deals at SALE. Ang gusto ko sa Supermarket na yun ay yung mga good deals. Pagpasok mo pa lang sa store, bubungad na sa iyo yung mga naka-sale. May mga pa-expire na, yung iba matagal pa naman, pero naka SALE sila. Pipiliin mo lang yung kailangan mo, mahirap na, baka mabutasan ang bulsa mo.

Kahapon kasi nag-crave ako ng persimmon. Doon kasi ako nakakabili noon ng persimmon. Kaya lang kahapon wala. Huhu.

Pero marami naman akong nabili na talaga namang kailangan namin.

Doon din ako nakakita ng iba’t-ibang klase ng beans. May black beans, may red beans, may white beans, etc. Gustong-gusto kasi ng aking anak ang beans, lalo na yung munggo, na meron din doon. Sarap ng ginisang munggo! Of course, isa yan sa mga kakainin namin this coming week.

Lahat ng ingredients mo, makikita mo doon. Pero after our supermarket trip, ginusto ko pa rin pumunta ng palengke talaga.

Dati sa may Batasan talipapa, nakakapark kami doon sandali para bumili ng ibang prutas at gulay.

Kaya lang kahapon, pinagbawal na ang pagpapark doon kahit sandali. Kaya sayang, di kami nakabili ng itlog. Last week kasi nakabili kami doon ng isang tray, tapos melon, tapos saging at iba pa. 150 ang isang tray doon. Magdala ka na lang ng tray para di ka magbayad ng 10 pesos. 5 pesos sa ibaba, 5 pesos sa itaas, kasi tatalian yun eh.

Pero sa Parang Market, gaya ng sinabi ko, nabili ko naman lahat ng kailangan ko. Yun nga lang, sa mga stall, mahal nang konti — parang presyong Hi-Top na rin eh. Yung mga kuya at ate na may kariton, doon, mura sa kanila. Nasa sidewalk sila. Narinig ko lang na pag gabi, malaya silang magbenta sa sidewalk kasi wala nang nanghuhuli.

Tipid tips ko everytime I go food shopping:

  1. Have a budget.
  2. Have a menu planned.
  3. Base your shopping list on your menu planned for the week.
  4. Buy what you need.

Yun lang. Ikaw, ano mga tipid tips mo?

As for my nilagang saging and mais, snacks yan ng aking pamilya for the week. Yung iba, pambaon ni Mister sa work. Pinagbawal ko na ang fast food kay Mister eh. Hehe.

Mamayang gabi naman gagawa ako ng baon niya for the entire week at ilalagay ko yun sa ref. That way, hindi ako araw-araw nagluluto ng baon. Sa umaga, handa na ang baon niya, ilalagay na lang sa bag niya.

At kami naman ng aking anak ay mayroon na ring ready meals na papainitin na lang.

Mabilis, matipid, may sistema. Yang tatlong yan ang gustong-gusto kong matutunan nang maigi. Mas relaxed ang atmosphere sa bahay pag handa kami eh.

Siguro alam niyo naman na hindi maganda ang mood ng mga tao pag gutom. Personally, ayoko din maging hangry.

Good morning! Happy Lord’s day! Bye for now.

Bakit Ako Naghohomeschool

Nasa pangalawang taon na ako ng paghohomeschool, at masasabi ko na masaya kami ng aking anak.

Una, malawak ang aming paaralan. Maaaring nasa bahay kami kadalasan pero maaari din kaming mag-aral kung saan-saan. Minsan nasa labas, nanghuhuli ng kulisap, palaka, o naghahanap ng suso. Sinasama ko siya kung saan ako — sa palengke, sa mall, sa bahay ni Lola, sa opisina kung may kliyente ako, sa clinic kung may checkup. Minsan, nagtratravel kaming mag-anak at kahit sa pamamasyal sa iba’t-ibang probinsya ay maaari kaming mag-aral.

Pangalawa, nakikita ko ang kaniyang mga milestones. Nasa posisyon ako upang mapagmasdan ang kaniyang pamumukadkad. Nakakatuwa na kasama ako sa plano ng Diyos upang hubugin siya. Nakita ko kung kelan siya unang nagbasa. Nakikita ko kung paano siya mag-solve ng problem. Napagmamasdan ko rin ang iba’t-ibang expression ng kaniyang mukha. Nandoon ako kung masaya siya. Naroon din ako pag malungkot siya. Nakikita ko kung natatakot siya at niyayakap ko siya sa mga panahong may agam-agam siya. Bonus — nandoon din siya palagi para sa akin.

Pangatlo, nababantayan ko ang mga binabasa niya, pinapanood niya, at kinakaibigan niya. Sa mura niyang edad, napakarami niyang maaaring pulutin kung saan-saan. Hindi pa ako handang palayain siya tulad ng ibon. Masyado pa siyang bata, at nais ko sanang mahubog muna siya sa katatagan, katotohanan at prinsipyo upang hindi siya madaling mailigaw ninuman. Pagdating ng araw, darating ang panahon na siya ay pipili ng mga gugustuhin. Pero sa ngayon, ilalatag muna natin ang pundasyon niya bilang isang nilalang. Sino siya? Bakit siya nandirito? Ano ang mga pinahahalagahan ng kaniyang mga magulang? Lahat nang iyan ay makakatulong upang mahubog ang kaniyang pagkatao at maging matalino siya sa pagpili pagdating ng araw.

Hindi ko alam ang dahilan ng iba kung bakit sila naghohomeschool. Pero para sa akin, yan ang ilan sa mga dahilan ko kung bakit patuloy ako sa paghohomeschool.

Ikaw, anong dahilan mo?

Nanay Lamang

Full-time job ang pagiging nanay, mind you (that is, kung hindi mo pa alam). 😛

Marami kasi ang mababa ang tingin sa mga nanay. Minsan, kapwa natin babae ang mababa ang tingin sa mga nanay na nasa bahay.

Sabi nila, ang mga nanay ay nasa bahay lamang. Siyempre may emphasis sa lamang.

Pero hindi nila alam na ang nanay ay napakaraming ginagawa.

Paggising sa umaga, nakaplano na ang gagawin niyan sa maghapon. O diba, parang manager o supervisor.

Nakaplano na rin ang budget, tulad ng isang accountant o economist.

Tapos magluluto na yan, parang cook.

Yung iba, tulad ko, maghohomeschool pa. Teacher-Nanay, kumbaga.

Magpapaligo, maglilinis, magpapakain ng mga alagang hayop, at mag-nenetwork.

Yes naman, kailangan ng nanay ng network.

Kung may disiplina ang nanay, gagawin niya ang networking nang hindi naaabala ang paggawa sa mga chores. Lalong lalo na sa pagaasikaso sa needs ni HUbby. Number one siya!

Networking. Kasama na ang business diyan. Pati yung pakikipagkwentuhan sa mga kaibigan. O di kaya naman ay yung pangangamusta sa mga kamag-anak.

Kung may blog siya, magbablog. Kung may vlog naman, magvavlog. Naghahanap siya ng good deals sa Lazada, Shopee, OLX, etc.

Lahat nang yan ginagawa niya nang hindi nasusunog ang sinaing. Sabay-sabay, habang nakasalang ang labada.

Kapag may meet up siya, tumatawad yan. Kapag kausap ang buyer, supplier, client, etc. nagmemakeup din. Minsan kasama ang anak lalo na kung walang mag-aalaga.

O, kaya mo yan?

Minsan unfair tayo sa mga nanay. Sana huwag naman. Ang nakikita lang natin ay yung status niya sa FB. Nakikita lang natin ay yung less than immaculate niyang bahay.

Di porket online siya palagi eh wala na siyang ginagawa. Di porket di siya nakapaglinis ng bahay, tamad na siya. Paano kung napuyat dahil nilagnat si bunso kagabi?

Konting tip lang sa ating mga nanay. Huwag maging onion-skinned sa mga puna o komento o kritisismo.

Konting tip sa sa mga single na wagas sa pagpuna sa mga nanay, darating din ang time niyo. 😛

Sa dami ng ating dapat gawin, huwag kalimutang manalangin. Simulan natin ang umaga nang pagbabasa ng Salita ng Diyos at pananalangin. Mas malakas tayo pag alam nating mayroon tayong gabay mula sa Diyos sa simula pa lamang ng araw natin.

Sabi nila, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Unang step natin ang ating morning devotion. We can’t afford not to have that, mga sisters.

Sa mga nanay, bilib ako sa inyo. Bilib din ako sa sarili ko. At bakit hindi? Nanay ako eh!!!


Balik Tula Tayo

Nagugulat ako dahil kahit tinigil ko ang pagpopost ng aking mga tula ay may mga steady readers ako dito sa aking blog.

Hindi ko alam kung sino sila, at kung bakit kahit hindi sariwa ang mga posts ko ay binibili pa rin nila.

May isa pang nagtanong kung sino daw ako upang mailagay niya ako bilang may-akda sa isang tula na gagamitin niya sa school.

Nakakataba naman ng puso. Hindi ko akalain na ang mga lumang tula ko ay bago pa rin sa paningin ng iba.

Hindi ko na nga maalala kung kailan ang huling post ko ng tula.

Nagsimula akong tumula noong dumaan ako sa mga pagsubok na madalas dinadaanan ng mga baliw sa pag-ibig.

Kaya marami sa mga tulang naisulat ko noon ay tungkol — guess what — sa pag-ibig. Yung hindi tunay, hehe.

Looking back, medyo natatawa na lamang ako sa mga mensahe nila.

Yung iba nga hindi ko na maalala maliban na lang at mag back read ako dito sa sarili kong blog.

Dati ay pinangarap ko na rin na ilimbag sila.

Pero di ko tinuloy.

Sa ngayon, sinisipag ako. Baka nga maisipan kong palayain sila at paliparin. Tignan natin.

Ako kasi mahilig sa love poems. Sa ngayon, mayroon akong mga kaibigan na sawi, in love at complicated ang love life.

Sila na ngayon ang nasa isip ko sa tuwing ako ay tumutula tungkol sa pag-ibig. Nilalagay ko ang aking sarili sa kanilang mga sapatos at iniisip ko kung paano ilalabas ang kanilang mga saloobin sa pamamagitan ng mga linya sa tula.

Karamihan din ng mga bago kong tula sa ngayon ay para sa Panginoon (mga hymns), at para sa aking asawa at anak. ❤

Nga pala… kung isa ka sa mga pabalik-balik dito sa aking blog, salamat sa pagdaan. Huwag lang masyadong seryosohin, okay. Hahaha!!!

Declutter Daw

Ilang beses ko nang naiisipang bumili ng mga “organizers”.

Pero napagtanto ko na hindi pala organizers ang kailangan ko.

By organizers, I mean, yung mga lalagyan, mga anik-anik na color-coded, etc. para DAW mas maging maayos ang iyong bahay/buhay.

Hindi ko pala kailangan ng mga iyon.

Ayon sa mga vlog na sinusundan ko sa ngayon, kailangan ko palang magtanggal, hindi mag-organize AGAD.

Kasi hindi talaga pwedeng mag-organize kung napakarami mong gamit na hindi mo naman napapakinabangan.

Sabi pa ng isang expert, ang bawat gamit na umuukupa ng espasyo sa iyong bahay na hindi nagbibigay ng kasiyahan sa iyo ay hindi magbibigay ng buhay sa iyong buhay.

Kalkal. Yan ang dapat gawin. Tapon, kung kinakailangan. Bigay, paka pakinabangan ng iba. Sell, para kumita.

DECLUTTER — kumbaga.

Ayon sa mga minimalist, if something does not give you joy, throw it away.

Ahh, how liberating.

Kaya nagsimula akong mag-declutter.

I don’t need a big space. I just need to love everything in my space.

So kung gusto mo ng humihinga at buhay na espasyo, maaari mong isipin ang suhestiyon na ito:

Declutter first, and then, organize.

Don’t organize clutter, kaibigan. Organize what you love ONLY.

Suddenly, Gusto Kong Magkwento

Bago matulog ang aking anak, kuwento ang hanap niya.

Isang libro ang binabasa niya ngayon. Ito ay isinulat ng isang awtor na ang pangalan ay Aliki.

Gustong gusto niya ito. Ang pamagat ng aklat na ito ay How A Book is Made.

Tuwang-tuwa siya sa aklat na ito.

Nagustuhan ko rin ang aklat, at isang pangarap din ang kaniyang pinaalala sa akin.

Naalala ko na gusto ko nga palang magsulat ng libro.

At suddenly, gusto ko nang magkwento.

Daming kwento sa aking isipan. Hindi ko na nga mabilang. Ang iba, nakalimutan ko na.

Ayoko nang makalimot. Magkukuwento na ako. Tutulang muli. Tignan natin kung anong kalalabasan.

Ikaw, may kwento ka bang naghuhumiyaw sa iyong diwa?

Siguro panahon na rin na pakawalan mo sila.

Sa Tuwing Magpapagupit, Magsama ng Pakialamera

May nadiskubre ako.

Kung ikaw ay magpapagupit, dapat mayroon kang kasama. Yung magbubusisi sa gupit mo sa bandang likod.

Kasi ang bandang likod ng iyong buhok ay madalas hindi mo makikita nang maayos.

Sa araw na ito, bago pumatak ang alas-dose ng gabi, gusto ko lang sabihin na ipinagupit ko ang aking anak dahil sa lubhang naging manipis ang kaniyang buhok dahil sa shampoo na ginamit niya ilang linggo na rin ang nakakalipas.

Pero pinalitan namin ito ng Atomy Shampoo at voila, nawala ang problema niya sa hair breakage.

Sabi ng pedia dapat taasan din ang zinc consumption ng aking anak at ginawa ko rin naman.

Sabay yun sa pagpapalit ng shampoo. Haay, salamat nabawasan din ang paglalagas at pagkabali ng mga strands ng kaniyang buhok.

Kaya kinailangan niya ng haircut. Kasi hindi na pantay ang kaniyang hair. Hindi na rin maganda ang bagsak. New year, new hair cut ang aking anak.

At masaya ako dahil nandoon ako para tignan ang ginagawa ng gumupit sa kaniya.

Sa simula talagang uminit ang ulo ko dahil parang nilalaro lang ang buhok ng anak ko.

Oo, sa isang maliit na parlor sa bayan ginawa ang gupit pero pwede ba namang sa halagang P100 ay lalaruin ang gupit ng anak ko?

Kaya binusisi ko siya. Pinagtrabaho ko siya ng husto. Hindi ako tumigil hanggat hindi ko nakuha ang gusto kong gupit para sa anak ko.

At hindi ako nagbigay ng tip. Bakit pa? Kasi hindi niya inayos ang gupit maliban na lamang sa pakikialam ko.

Hindi ako nagsisisi na binusisi ko ang gupit.

Hindi rin ako galit sa kaniyang tagagupit.

Nakita ko lang kasi na parang hindi niya inaayos ang kaniyang trabaho kaya natural, bilang ina, naging makulit ako.

Kaya isa sa mga natutunan ko sa araw na ito ay ito:

Kapag magpapagupit, isama si Mister, Nanay, Anak, Kaibigan, o yung Kapitbahay mo na alam mong makikialam, este, magmamalasakit.