About Tote Bag Mama


Who am I?

I am a happy wife, a proud mother, a silly friend and a heaven-bound follower of Christ.

Homemaking. Homeschool. Homebased. Home is where you’ll find my heart.

What do I do?

Occasionally, I write poems. Sometimes, I wish I could sing like a fantail. I try to get away from conventionalisms when I can when writing my poems. I try hard at it, really.

I ghostwrite for a living. Translating good materials from English to Filipino is one of my ministries. I write scripts for a Christian radio program.

I wish I didn’t need an editor. But I do, I really do need one. I rarely edit my work successfully.

Why Tote Bag Mama?

I love carrying a tote bag because you can put everything inside. As a mom, you need to have a tote bag. As a wise mom, you have to have a tote bag inside your tote bag.

I have a lot inside my tote bag. Some last longer than the others. Some stay forever. Some aren’t supposed to be there in the first place. Some I keep for others.

My tote bag is heavy. Sometimes, I will unload contents here in this blog ’cause really, treasures are meant to be shared. It’s more fun that way.

Why At Marami Pang Iba?

I just love writing about anything under the sun. You’ll be surprised how varied my interests. I, too, am pleasantly surprised.

In Filipino, At Marami Pang Iba is “There’s more,” or “And there’s much more!”

Hey, tell me about yourself! I’m sure you have something for me.


6 thoughts on “About Tote Bag Mama

  1. taga bagyo ka pala ate. hi hello.
    ako po si jasonhamster
    i aadd kita sa blog roll ko ha :p

  2. Sige ba, Jasonhamster. As in Bagyo, huh? Salamat sa iyong pagdaan. Mabuhay ka. God bless.

  3. hi ruth nais kitang ihanay sa aking bahay kaya iyong pahintulutan…
    mahilig din ako sa mga makalangit na kanta…. glee club?go girl maganda yan isang paraan upang makapagpuri sa maykapal

    • Hello! Nice meeting you, Lhen. Okay lang. Add din kita ha. God bless.

  4. hi po..
    nga pala, naligaw ako dito, mula sa bahay ni Kuya Jasonhamster..

    idadagdag po kita sa blogroll ko po para madali kitang madalaw sa susunod.. 🙂

    Im Nikko Rein aka Tuutuukii.. 😀

  5. Nikko,

    sure! add din kita sa blogroll ko ha! take care always. God bless.

    Ate Ruth

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