Learn Group Basics for Homeschoolers

If you are homeschooling, chances are you are now part of a learn group. Some call it a homeschool co-op. Have you heard of these terms before?

If you are considering homeschooling, may I suggest it will be good to be part of a community.

A learn group or a co-op is basically a community of like-minded parents and their children who have decided to take the homeschooling journey together in a level of involvement with each other that depends upon the needs of each family.

It’s good to be in a learn group because it’s hard to travel alone.

I am just so blessed to be part of a learn group. I cannot tell you how much help I have received being part of it. It’s an answered prayer for me to be in a learn group that shares and cares!

But I guess my daughter loves the learn group way more than I do! She loves to play with her friends and she loves listening to her ates and kuyas who treat her like a little sibling.

So if you’re considering the homeschooling route to educating your child or children, let me tell you some of the benefits you will receive when you join a community.\

Disclaimer: These are my personal experiences. It just so happened that I have been so blessed to be with such generous, savvy and wonderful people in my learn group and our leaders (who are also academic advisers) are seasoned homeschoolers who love what they do, know what they do, and pray for what they do!


That is easy enough. You will have like-minded people to learn with, have fun with, and tackle the challenges of homeschooling together. Many of them will become your close friends. Many of them will pray for you (if you are into that thing), many of them will care enough to help you by recommending materials, tutors, tips and tricks to you.

And when you receive, it is almost impossible to withhold — you find yourself sharing what you can, too, to help the community work. Whether it be talents, stuff or food — oh, potlucks with them are so much fun. Everyone is into sharing and loving it.


When you are with a group who cares for you and your child, accountability becomes natural. Some parents don’t like to be accountable, or if you are the type to want to do your own thing, you can do that too by limiting your involvement with the group or the involvement of the group with your life. But for me, I make myself accountable to other moms who are way more experienced than I am. I am helped when I do that.

For example, a mom who is homeschooling several children who is particularly experienced say in disciplining a selfish child can give me a thing or two when my daughter finds it hard to share or to work with a group. The next time we meet, I can chat with her again and tell her a thing or two about how my child learned to share in a particular situation.


What kind of support do I receive which are not specifically included in Fellowship and Accountability? Well, in learn groups, you can sign up as a group to classes and get big discounts. For example, my learn group has tied up with teachers and professionals who handle theater training classes, a Biology class for high school, a speech and debate class, writing classes, art classes and music classes.

As a parent I have the option (depending on my needs and that of my child), to choose where to enlist my daughter. You may feel like you need to join everything but really, you are wise to choose only what you need. I also love the fact that while you’re into this, your children can continue to bond with other children — peers, ates and kuyas who have the same passions and interests.


And to top it all off, there’s this kind of excitement when you are part of a dedicated, dynamic and talented parent-teachers! Anything can happen! You are together when planning activities. You are together when executing activities! And when it’s time to have a little fun, you can go to a field trip!

Dedication goes a long way — because learn groups must work and for it to work, we have to pitch in, roll our sleeves and contribute what we can to make it work. Not once, not twice, but regularly!

Dynamic people make learn groups fun — and that’s because they always think of the box and look for ways and means to make every activity or meeting something to remember.

Talented parent-teachers are in abundance nowadays, and I have observed that much talent comes out for the love of their children. Some are so good at crafts, some are so good at project management, some are really pros in organizing events. All for the sake of their children, they joyfully pitch in with whatever God-given talent they have!

Great, isn’t it?

For now, I have those four main things. Are you part of a learn group or a co-op? What do you have that I have not mentioned?

I hope you decide to join a learn group. And I’m sorry if my learn group makes you envious, just in case you are in one and you are not satisfied with yours.

But don’t fret! You can encourage other parents by sharing what you know, what you can, what you have with them. Showing that you care not only for your child but for everyone in the learn group is also crucial in making it the best learn group ever, for certainly, what you say and do can encourage others around you.

Think about this: what would your learn group be like if all of the members were just like you?

Office Schooling

Today, we will be office schooling. Huh? I hear you saying. This might be unfamiliar terrain for you. You might have heard of home schooling, but wait, office schooling?

If you’re a working mom, you can office school if your company permits and if your work is the type that can wiggle enough room for it.

That said, may I say that it is still a type of unconventional schooling (meaning: you are the primary teacher 🙂 ) though for us, we do this rarely nowadays for some reasons I’d probably talk about in future posts.

Why am I doing this post? Well, I just wanted people to know that office schooling is possible! If you’re considering home schooling but have to go out at times to meet clients or have an 8-5 job, you should know that office schooling is possible, provided you get clearance from your boss.

If you have your own office, and you are your own boss, well, that would be easier I guess. It’s a choice you may have to make if you find home schooling enticing.

Personally, I can do my work from home, so I don’t usually go to the office to teach my child unless a client needs to talk to me personally. Like today. A client from Quezon will visit the office. I’m excited to meet her again and perhaps, taste some goodies from her town? 🙂

So today, we are office schooling and here are the things I will be bringing:

My Homeschool Planner

When homeschooling on-the-go, one has to be flexible. Reliance on structure can be relaxed. This mindset must be in place or the teacher-parent might be overwhelmed, especially since a client meeting may last longer than planned, and be more stressful than imagined. 🙂 Still, it is good to stick to a schedule, both in meeting up with a client and in teaching a child.

Easy to Carry Books and Workbooks

While homeschooling at home affords a teacher-parent the luxury to use those thick workbooks and textbooks, it is wise to travel light when office schooling. You may opt to photocopy a page of your textbook or workbook which you will use for the day, or, like what I’m used to doing — bringing in the reinforcements — my easy to carry workbooks. I rarely carry textbooks when I go to the office with my child since they are heavy.

If you do opt to regularly office school, you can leave your materials on a shelf in your office, or a box. That way, you don’t have to bring materials daily in your commute.

Paper for Copywork and Dictation Exercises

I try to keep her copywork sheets and dictation exercise sheets uniform. This makes it easy for me to compile them for portfolio reviews and submissions. So I bring these sheets with me.

Extra Paper for Cutting and Folding, etc.

I also do like to bring extra sheets where she can doodle or draw, or colorful paper to fold and cut as she pleases. The office is the last place in the world where you can find colorful paper! But you can always innovate and can definitely use old magazines from your office for cut-outs and recycled paper (bond paper with print at the back) for your child’s art activities.

A Book Your Child Wants to Read Just Because

I also let my child choose a book she wants to read. Lately, she’s been into the Horrible Geography titles, so I let her get a book she likes for when she is “bored”.

A Small Toy She Wants to Bring

Again, she just might want a small toy to bring for when she is “bored”. She’s a child and staying at the office can be too stressful for her type. She’s usually allowed a toy or two, as long as it doesn’t make too much noise and small enough to fit her bag. It’s a rule: she carries her toys and books by herself, so here, she needs to choose wisely!

This is office schooling for me, in a nutshell. Oh, and by the way, I try to take her to a coffee shop afterwards so we can sip a cup of cocoa together after working hard! We’re a team, and we celebrate a day’s worth of study and work at the same time!

Ahh, flexibility. I just love having a wide range of options when it comes to teaching my child. I mean, there are a lot of things we cannot control but certainly, once you get the hang of homeschooling and when you see the benefits of it, you find that your elbow room is quite wide.

Plus, you can proceed with your homeschooling day successfully, no matter the demands on your work or personal life. The place of study becomes immaterial, actually. After all, as they say, the world is your classroom when you homeschool.

Magandang Umaga

Isa sa mga mabubuting asal sa loob ng isang pamilya ang pagbati sa mga kasama sa bahay ng Good Morning sa umaga.

Sa sobrang aga kong nagising ngayon, wala akong mabati agad.

Kaya minabuti kong i-Good Morning si Lord.

Ikaw, nagu-good morning ka rin ba kay Lord?

Nasabi ko na dati na kasama sa aking morning routine ang paghello kay Lord.

Tulad ng isang matalik na kaibigan, binabati ko Siya araw-araw.

Well, higit pa Siya sa matalik na kaibigan.

Tumpak ang mensahe ng kantang “You are my all in all” sa aking buhay. Totoo — He is my all in all.

Good morning, Lord! Ahh, kaysarap bigkasin.

Marami akong narinig na hindi na nagisnan ang bagong taon. Sa aking tala, may tatlong tao akong nabalitaan na naatake sa puso nitong mga nagdaang araw.

Kung tayo ay may Good Morning, Lord pa, ibig sabihin tayo ay buhay pa.

Salamat, Lord — ang buhay ko talaga ay hawak mo!

At hindi lamang yung masaya tayo dahil humihinga tayo. Masaya tayo dahil may buhay tayong walang hanggan kay Kristo.

Yun naman eh. Yun naman talaga.

Hindi ko alam kung naniniwala ka diyan, pero yan ang paniniwala ko.

Sabi ni Kristo: “I am the way, the truth and the life.” Via, veritas, vita.

At kasabay ng :Good Morning, Lord,” isunod na rin natin ang “Thank You, Lord!”

Ako masaya ako ngayon kasi maaga akong nagising. At dahil doon, nakapaglaga ako ng saging at mais.

Mura ngayon ang saging. At bagong pitas naman ang mais na nabili ko kahapon sa Parang Market.

Kahit medyo gabi na ako nakabili, okay naman, nabili ko pa rin ang mga kailangan namin.

Medyo natagalan kasi kami sa Hi Top Supermarket kahapon. As usual, sobrang haba ng pila doon. Marami ding good deals at SALE. Ang gusto ko sa Supermarket na yun ay yung mga good deals. Pagpasok mo pa lang sa store, bubungad na sa iyo yung mga naka-sale. May mga pa-expire na, yung iba matagal pa naman, pero naka SALE sila. Pipiliin mo lang yung kailangan mo, mahirap na, baka mabutasan ang bulsa mo.

Kahapon kasi nag-crave ako ng persimmon. Doon kasi ako nakakabili noon ng persimmon. Kaya lang kahapon wala. Huhu.

Pero marami naman akong nabili na talaga namang kailangan namin.

Doon din ako nakakita ng iba’t-ibang klase ng beans. May black beans, may red beans, may white beans, etc. Gustong-gusto kasi ng aking anak ang beans, lalo na yung munggo, na meron din doon. Sarap ng ginisang munggo! Of course, isa yan sa mga kakainin namin this coming week.

Lahat ng ingredients mo, makikita mo doon. Pero after our supermarket trip, ginusto ko pa rin pumunta ng palengke talaga.

Dati sa may Batasan talipapa, nakakapark kami doon sandali para bumili ng ibang prutas at gulay.

Kaya lang kahapon, pinagbawal na ang pagpapark doon kahit sandali. Kaya sayang, di kami nakabili ng itlog. Last week kasi nakabili kami doon ng isang tray, tapos melon, tapos saging at iba pa. 150 ang isang tray doon. Magdala ka na lang ng tray para di ka magbayad ng 10 pesos. 5 pesos sa ibaba, 5 pesos sa itaas, kasi tatalian yun eh.

Pero sa Parang Market, gaya ng sinabi ko, nabili ko naman lahat ng kailangan ko. Yun nga lang, sa mga stall, mahal nang konti — parang presyong Hi-Top na rin eh. Yung mga kuya at ate na may kariton, doon, mura sa kanila. Nasa sidewalk sila. Narinig ko lang na pag gabi, malaya silang magbenta sa sidewalk kasi wala nang nanghuhuli.

Tipid tips ko everytime I go food shopping:

  1. Have a budget.
  2. Have a menu planned.
  3. Base your shopping list on your menu planned for the week.
  4. Buy what you need.

Yun lang. Ikaw, ano mga tipid tips mo?

As for my nilagang saging and mais, snacks yan ng aking pamilya for the week. Yung iba, pambaon ni Mister sa work. Pinagbawal ko na ang fast food kay Mister eh. Hehe.

Mamayang gabi naman gagawa ako ng baon niya for the entire week at ilalagay ko yun sa ref. That way, hindi ako araw-araw nagluluto ng baon. Sa umaga, handa na ang baon niya, ilalagay na lang sa bag niya.

At kami naman ng aking anak ay mayroon na ring ready meals na papainitin na lang.

Mabilis, matipid, may sistema. Yang tatlong yan ang gustong-gusto kong matutunan nang maigi. Mas relaxed ang atmosphere sa bahay pag handa kami eh.

Siguro alam niyo naman na hindi maganda ang mood ng mga tao pag gutom. Personally, ayoko din maging hangry.

Good morning! Happy Lord’s day! Bye for now.

Bakit Ako Naghohomeschool

Nasa pangalawang taon na ako ng paghohomeschool, at masasabi ko na masaya kami ng aking anak.

Una, malawak ang aming paaralan. Maaaring nasa bahay kami kadalasan pero maaari din kaming mag-aral kung saan-saan. Minsan nasa labas, nanghuhuli ng kulisap, palaka, o naghahanap ng suso. Sinasama ko siya kung saan ako — sa palengke, sa mall, sa bahay ni Lola, sa opisina kung may kliyente ako, sa clinic kung may checkup. Minsan, nagtratravel kaming mag-anak at kahit sa pamamasyal sa iba’t-ibang probinsya ay maaari kaming mag-aral.

Pangalawa, nakikita ko ang kaniyang mga milestones. Nasa posisyon ako upang mapagmasdan ang kaniyang pamumukadkad. Nakakatuwa na kasama ako sa plano ng Diyos upang hubugin siya. Nakita ko kung kelan siya unang nagbasa. Nakikita ko kung paano siya mag-solve ng problem. Napagmamasdan ko rin ang iba’t-ibang expression ng kaniyang mukha. Nandoon ako kung masaya siya. Naroon din ako pag malungkot siya. Nakikita ko kung natatakot siya at niyayakap ko siya sa mga panahong may agam-agam siya. Bonus — nandoon din siya palagi para sa akin.

Pangatlo, nababantayan ko ang mga binabasa niya, pinapanood niya, at kinakaibigan niya. Sa mura niyang edad, napakarami niyang maaaring pulutin kung saan-saan. Hindi pa ako handang palayain siya tulad ng ibon. Masyado pa siyang bata, at nais ko sanang mahubog muna siya sa katatagan, katotohanan at prinsipyo upang hindi siya madaling mailigaw ninuman. Pagdating ng araw, darating ang panahon na siya ay pipili ng mga gugustuhin. Pero sa ngayon, ilalatag muna natin ang pundasyon niya bilang isang nilalang. Sino siya? Bakit siya nandirito? Ano ang mga pinahahalagahan ng kaniyang mga magulang? Lahat nang iyan ay makakatulong upang mahubog ang kaniyang pagkatao at maging matalino siya sa pagpili pagdating ng araw.

Hindi ko alam ang dahilan ng iba kung bakit sila naghohomeschool. Pero para sa akin, yan ang ilan sa mga dahilan ko kung bakit patuloy ako sa paghohomeschool.

Ikaw, anong dahilan mo?

Nanay Lamang

Full-time job ang pagiging nanay, mind you (that is, kung hindi mo pa alam). 😛

Marami kasi ang mababa ang tingin sa mga nanay. Minsan, kapwa natin babae ang mababa ang tingin sa mga nanay na nasa bahay.

Sabi nila, ang mga nanay ay nasa bahay lamang. Siyempre may emphasis sa lamang.

Pero hindi nila alam na ang nanay ay napakaraming ginagawa.

Paggising sa umaga, nakaplano na ang gagawin niyan sa maghapon. O diba, parang manager o supervisor.

Nakaplano na rin ang budget, tulad ng isang accountant o economist.

Tapos magluluto na yan, parang cook.

Yung iba, tulad ko, maghohomeschool pa. Teacher-Nanay, kumbaga.

Magpapaligo, maglilinis, magpapakain ng mga alagang hayop, at mag-nenetwork.

Yes naman, kailangan ng nanay ng network.

Kung may disiplina ang nanay, gagawin niya ang networking nang hindi naaabala ang paggawa sa mga chores. Lalong lalo na sa pagaasikaso sa needs ni HUbby. Number one siya!

Networking. Kasama na ang business diyan. Pati yung pakikipagkwentuhan sa mga kaibigan. O di kaya naman ay yung pangangamusta sa mga kamag-anak.

Kung may blog siya, magbablog. Kung may vlog naman, magvavlog. Naghahanap siya ng good deals sa Lazada, Shopee, OLX, etc.

Lahat nang yan ginagawa niya nang hindi nasusunog ang sinaing. Sabay-sabay, habang nakasalang ang labada.

Kapag may meet up siya, tumatawad yan. Kapag kausap ang buyer, supplier, client, etc. nagmemakeup din. Minsan kasama ang anak lalo na kung walang mag-aalaga.

O, kaya mo yan?

Minsan unfair tayo sa mga nanay. Sana huwag naman. Ang nakikita lang natin ay yung status niya sa FB. Nakikita lang natin ay yung less than immaculate niyang bahay.

Di porket online siya palagi eh wala na siyang ginagawa. Di porket di siya nakapaglinis ng bahay, tamad na siya. Paano kung napuyat dahil nilagnat si bunso kagabi?

Konting tip lang sa ating mga nanay. Huwag maging onion-skinned sa mga puna o komento o kritisismo.

Konting tip sa sa mga single na wagas sa pagpuna sa mga nanay, darating din ang time niyo. 😛

Sa dami ng ating dapat gawin, huwag kalimutang manalangin. Simulan natin ang umaga nang pagbabasa ng Salita ng Diyos at pananalangin. Mas malakas tayo pag alam nating mayroon tayong gabay mula sa Diyos sa simula pa lamang ng araw natin.

Sabi nila, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Unang step natin ang ating morning devotion. We can’t afford not to have that, mga sisters.

Sa mga nanay, bilib ako sa inyo. Bilib din ako sa sarili ko. At bakit hindi? Nanay ako eh!!!


Balik Tula Tayo

Nagugulat ako dahil kahit tinigil ko ang pagpopost ng aking mga tula ay may mga steady readers ako dito sa aking blog.

Hindi ko alam kung sino sila, at kung bakit kahit hindi sariwa ang mga posts ko ay binibili pa rin nila.

May isa pang nagtanong kung sino daw ako upang mailagay niya ako bilang may-akda sa isang tula na gagamitin niya sa school.

Nakakataba naman ng puso. Hindi ko akalain na ang mga lumang tula ko ay bago pa rin sa paningin ng iba.

Hindi ko na nga maalala kung kailan ang huling post ko ng tula.

Nagsimula akong tumula noong dumaan ako sa mga pagsubok na madalas dinadaanan ng mga baliw sa pag-ibig.

Kaya marami sa mga tulang naisulat ko noon ay tungkol — guess what — sa pag-ibig. Yung hindi tunay, hehe.

Looking back, medyo natatawa na lamang ako sa mga mensahe nila.

Yung iba nga hindi ko na maalala maliban na lang at mag back read ako dito sa sarili kong blog.

Dati ay pinangarap ko na rin na ilimbag sila.

Pero di ko tinuloy.

Sa ngayon, sinisipag ako. Baka nga maisipan kong palayain sila at paliparin. Tignan natin.

Ako kasi mahilig sa love poems. Sa ngayon, mayroon akong mga kaibigan na sawi, in love at complicated ang love life.

Sila na ngayon ang nasa isip ko sa tuwing ako ay tumutula tungkol sa pag-ibig. Nilalagay ko ang aking sarili sa kanilang mga sapatos at iniisip ko kung paano ilalabas ang kanilang mga saloobin sa pamamagitan ng mga linya sa tula.

Karamihan din ng mga bago kong tula sa ngayon ay para sa Panginoon (mga hymns), at para sa aking asawa at anak. ❤

Nga pala… kung isa ka sa mga pabalik-balik dito sa aking blog, salamat sa pagdaan. Huwag lang masyadong seryosohin, okay. Hahaha!!!

Declutter Daw

Ilang beses ko nang naiisipang bumili ng mga “organizers”.

Pero napagtanto ko na hindi pala organizers ang kailangan ko.

By organizers, I mean, yung mga lalagyan, mga anik-anik na color-coded, etc. para DAW mas maging maayos ang iyong bahay/buhay.

Hindi ko pala kailangan ng mga iyon.

Ayon sa mga vlog na sinusundan ko sa ngayon, kailangan ko palang magtanggal, hindi mag-organize AGAD.

Kasi hindi talaga pwedeng mag-organize kung napakarami mong gamit na hindi mo naman napapakinabangan.

Sabi pa ng isang expert, ang bawat gamit na umuukupa ng espasyo sa iyong bahay na hindi nagbibigay ng kasiyahan sa iyo ay hindi magbibigay ng buhay sa iyong buhay.

Kalkal. Yan ang dapat gawin. Tapon, kung kinakailangan. Bigay, paka pakinabangan ng iba. Sell, para kumita.

DECLUTTER — kumbaga.

Ayon sa mga minimalist, if something does not give you joy, throw it away.

Ahh, how liberating.

Kaya nagsimula akong mag-declutter.

I don’t need a big space. I just need to love everything in my space.

So kung gusto mo ng humihinga at buhay na espasyo, maaari mong isipin ang suhestiyon na ito:

Declutter first, and then, organize.

Don’t organize clutter, kaibigan. Organize what you love ONLY.

Suddenly, Gusto Kong Magkwento

Bago matulog ang aking anak, kuwento ang hanap niya.

Isang libro ang binabasa niya ngayon. Ito ay isinulat ng isang awtor na ang pangalan ay Aliki.

Gustong gusto niya ito. Ang pamagat ng aklat na ito ay How A Book is Made.

Tuwang-tuwa siya sa aklat na ito.

Nagustuhan ko rin ang aklat, at isang pangarap din ang kaniyang pinaalala sa akin.

Naalala ko na gusto ko nga palang magsulat ng libro.

At suddenly, gusto ko nang magkwento.

Daming kwento sa aking isipan. Hindi ko na nga mabilang. Ang iba, nakalimutan ko na.

Ayoko nang makalimot. Magkukuwento na ako. Tutulang muli. Tignan natin kung anong kalalabasan.

Ikaw, may kwento ka bang naghuhumiyaw sa iyong diwa?

Siguro panahon na rin na pakawalan mo sila.

Sa Tuwing Magpapagupit, Magsama ng Pakialamera

May nadiskubre ako.

Kung ikaw ay magpapagupit, dapat mayroon kang kasama. Yung magbubusisi sa gupit mo sa bandang likod.

Kasi ang bandang likod ng iyong buhok ay madalas hindi mo makikita nang maayos.

Sa araw na ito, bago pumatak ang alas-dose ng gabi, gusto ko lang sabihin na ipinagupit ko ang aking anak dahil sa lubhang naging manipis ang kaniyang buhok dahil sa shampoo na ginamit niya ilang linggo na rin ang nakakalipas.

Pero pinalitan namin ito ng Atomy Shampoo at voila, nawala ang problema niya sa hair breakage.

Sabi ng pedia dapat taasan din ang zinc consumption ng aking anak at ginawa ko rin naman.

Sabay yun sa pagpapalit ng shampoo. Haay, salamat nabawasan din ang paglalagas at pagkabali ng mga strands ng kaniyang buhok.

Kaya kinailangan niya ng haircut. Kasi hindi na pantay ang kaniyang hair. Hindi na rin maganda ang bagsak. New year, new hair cut ang aking anak.

At masaya ako dahil nandoon ako para tignan ang ginagawa ng gumupit sa kaniya.

Sa simula talagang uminit ang ulo ko dahil parang nilalaro lang ang buhok ng anak ko.

Oo, sa isang maliit na parlor sa bayan ginawa ang gupit pero pwede ba namang sa halagang P100 ay lalaruin ang gupit ng anak ko?

Kaya binusisi ko siya. Pinagtrabaho ko siya ng husto. Hindi ako tumigil hanggat hindi ko nakuha ang gusto kong gupit para sa anak ko.

At hindi ako nagbigay ng tip. Bakit pa? Kasi hindi niya inayos ang gupit maliban na lamang sa pakikialam ko.

Hindi ako nagsisisi na binusisi ko ang gupit.

Hindi rin ako galit sa kaniyang tagagupit.

Nakita ko lang kasi na parang hindi niya inaayos ang kaniyang trabaho kaya natural, bilang ina, naging makulit ako.

Kaya isa sa mga natutunan ko sa araw na ito ay ito:

Kapag magpapagupit, isama si Mister, Nanay, Anak, Kaibigan, o yung Kapitbahay mo na alam mong makikialam, este, magmamalasakit.

Sa Bawat Ambon, May Pagpapala

Iyong dinidilig ang kaniyang bungkal ng sagana;
Iyong pinapantay ang kaniyang mga bungkal;
Iyong mga pinalalambot ng ambon;
Iyong pinagpapala ang pagsibol niyaon. Psalm 65:10

water rain raindrops drops of water
Photo by Tookapic on Pexels.com

Sa pagdating at pag-alis ng bawat yugto ng ating buhay, at sa pagbabalik tanaw sa pagdaan ng mga panahon, mas naiintindihan natin ang pakay ng ambon — at ito ang pagpapala ng bunga.

Isang pagpapala sa atin na makita ang pag-anod ng mga pinaniwalaang matagal ding kinupkop natin at pinanindigan. Ang pundasyon pala nila’y buhangin. Iyong mga bago, ayon sa patuloy na pagtuturo ng Diyos mula sa Kaniyang Salita, ang pumalit sa kanila.

Unti-unti, ang matigas na lupa ng ating puso ay sumuko sa walang tigil na ambon. Hindi bagyo, kundi ambon — hindi sigaw, kundi bulong. Hanggang sa ngayon, patuloy ito sa pagbasag sa lupang matigas. Marahil sa ganitong paraan lamang maisasakatuparan ang pagsasaka, pagdaka’y ang paghahasik, pagkatapos ang pagusbong, at sa huli, ang pag-ani.

Minsan, kailangang magtakda ng bagong layunin at gumawa ng mga bagong hakbang. Maging ang lakas mong ginugugol sa mga bagay na walang kabuluhan ay bigla mo na lamang ilalaan sa mga adhikaing walang hanggan. Minsan, kailangan nating pumili ng kakaibiganin, at kailangang lisanin ang dating matalik sa puso. Sa bawat pag-alis, may kaakibat itong sakit. Kung hindi tayo magiging marahas sa sa pagbubungkal ng lupa,  hindi ito maihahanda sa pagtatanim.

At sa bawat paglisan, pagsisimula at pamamaalam, isang pagbabali ang kailangang mangyari para sa ikabubuti. Hindi kailanman ito madali, ngunit alam ng Diyos na wala kang pakay na manakit sa iba — gusto mo lang mabuhay para sa Kaniya. Sa palagay ko, kung aalis tayo sa daraanan Niya at hahayaan natin Siyang manguna ay magiging matiwasay ang ating paglalakbay, at magkakaroon ng bunga ang mga hinahangad.

Patuloy lang, at sa bawat hakbang, ang Diyos ang sundan, huwag ang tao, sapagkat ang tao’y nawawala rin. At hindi natin alintana ang bilis — “na ang paguunahan ay hindi sa mga matulin, ni ang pagbabaka man ay sa mga malakas, ni sa mga pantas man ang tinapay, ni ang mga kayamanan man ay sa mga taong naguunawa, ni ang kaloob man ay sa taong matalino;” — Diyos lamang ang panghawakan. Sa huli, tayo’y tatayo sa Kaniyang harapan at magsusulit. Para kanino ka nabuhay sa lupang ibabaw? Pinasan mo ba ang krus nang buong tapang o sumuko ka nang makaranas ng hirap at pangungutya?

close up photography of bible

At dahil sa mga ambon ng nakaraan, mayabong ang mga puno sa kasalukuyan. At dahil sa mga ulan ngayon, may sinisilip tayong ani sa kinabukasan. At ang mga bunga ay darating, dito, at sa langit, para sa iyo at sa akin, kung itataas lamang natin ang ating mga paningin kay Kristong nagtagumpay na. Pero diyan ka lang, manatiling nakatingala upang makita natin Siya sa pagganap Niya sa mga pangakong binitawan Niya sa bawat isa sa atin.

Ang grasya Niya ang pinto sa mga tag-sibol ng iyong buhay.


Rainy Day Thoughts (12 June 2018)



I love rainy days. But I understand not everyone would agree with me. Near where I live, heavy rains bring about floods. Areas that are beside rivers, lakes and seas can become dangerous places to be in. Low lying spots suffer the most. I used to rent an apartment in Roxas District. Drizzles make knee deep rivers on streets. Storms cover entire first floors. I was out of that apartment when the big Habagat of 2011 hit the country. The water reached the second floor. And we’re not talking about fresh water. I once heard a guy tease his friend: “You smell like the river.” Yes, these folks know the smell of dead rivers.

I love rainy days. But I remember not loving it when I was young. Where I was born, rains brought about landslides that killed people. A friend of mine, who sang Alto in the school choir died when a mudslide engulfed the van she was riding. And then there’s the cold — it was hard to bear the cold rain on your back. When I was a kid, going to school was tricky when there’s a monsoon rain or typhoon. Water hits every side of you, umbrellas are useless. Plus we had to carry bags full of books. I hated it when my books got wet. I hated it when my socks were drenched. We walked to school then.

I love rainy days. But I understand that when it’s raining its harder to cope with whatever you’re going through. I don’t know, some people feel gloomy when it rains. I used to, I guess, but I was easy to appease. A bowl of soup will do the job, plus a hug from the people I love. I love the rain because I can stay in bed and read a book. I can sing a song and shout till the veins show. I love the rain because I realize there are frogs nearby, their chorus reminds me they’ve been there all along. And then the tap tapping sound of the rain on my roof, that’s just lovely. Music to my ears.

I love rain. I thank God for the rain. What do you love about the rain? I pity those who cannot love the rain right now because of the circumstances they are in. And if you’re one of them, —




I pray you’re safe. I hope you’re having

a cup of tea, or coffee, or anything that would

make you overlook the falling rain upon your roof.

I wish you good company or at least,

WIFI to call up the friend from afar.

May the rains be gentle on your flowers.



Walking is the New Running For Me



A pair of trainers to run the earth,

With people I hold dear;

A pair of sunglasses to watch the sky

As the day is drawing near,

A prayer in my pocket, the Word in my heart

And love to tell me why —

These are the things that I must keep close

And all I need to get by.

It was in 2009 when I wrote the above “manifesto”. I was ready to take on the world. I was single. I was smart. I was strong.

It’s 2018. I am not that young anymore. I am married. I have a loving husband. I have the sweetest daughter.

I still have people I hold dear, sunglasses to watch the sky… And the prayer in my pocket is still there, and the Word, it still burns my heart.

But I am not as strong as before. And my trainers, well, I use them for walking now. No more running like a girl.

In fact, I cannot jog. I cannot jump. I cannot run. Those have been the restrictions emplaced upon my person by a doctor who has studied my spine.



I was talking about my condition to a woman who’s out to conquer the world (like I was in 2009). She expressed her surprise. The health buff in her couldn’t see how anyone can still be okay.

The feeling I had when the doctor told the news was nothing close to sadness. Instead, it was gratitude, and a little bit of uncertainty — but not sadness. The medicine for whatever heaviness I was feeling then was a vivid memory of happy days under the sun.

I remembered my childhood. Climbing trees, wading through rocky rivers, hiking steep terrains, and catching grey tadpoles with my sisters and friends — life was an adventure when I was in the outdoors!

And though I can’t jog, jump, run, I can cook. I can prepare a good meal for my family. I can encourage my husband. I can read to my daughter and sing a lullaby.

I can work with my hands (though there’s a challenge there, sometimes, due to referred pain), but that’s not frequent, yet.


And I can type on this keyboard. I can write letters, verses, songs. My lips can shout or whisper a hymn for my Creator who does all things well. I can help someone in need. I can pray for them. I can serve the Lord where He leads. How can I complain?

My manifesto may have been changed in the running part, but it is a change that is welcome. If anything, I’d say that my life now is slower, and there is time to “smell the roses”. I am looking back with gratitude, and looking ahead with hope in the Lord — come what may.

Come to think of it, the Turtle won the race! The Hare was running, but was distracted. But yes, the Turtle —- what an encouragement from Aesop! Slowly, but surely, that’s it. But Solomon had already thought of it in Ecclesiastes 9:11 long before Aesop did:

I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to me of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.

Now what happens to my manifesto? It still holds. Walking is my new running. And now, by God’s grace, here I am! I am loving my life for what has been given, and what has been taken away.

The walkathon continues and the finish line is still ever before me, calling out to me — “Run with patience! Don’t give up!”


Ecclesiastes 7:10

(KJV) Say not thou, What is the cause that the former days were better than these? For thou dost not enquire wisely concerning this.

(NASB) Do not say, “Why is it that the former days were better than these?”
For it is not from wisdom that you ask about this.

My Darling May Bud

pexels-photo-1007228.jpegMy May Bud

How precious you are, dear daughter of mine,

And if my heart were a garden of roses —

The Lord planted you in its bosom where

The rays love

to sit first thing in the morning.


Ruth Solitario

Last night, I told my daughter a big truth. It is this: Her life is not her own. And this is good for her. Even in bad times knowing this would be good for her.

Before you were born I set you apart to serve me. Jeremiah 1:5

Someone Almighty, it’s God, the Lord of heaven and earth, is orchestrating the events of her life, and this is something to be thankful for, eventually, everything should end in gratitude or despair…

Before I was born the LORD chose me to serve him. He appointed me by name. Psalm 139:16

That she is not the master of her fate, she’s not the captain of her soul, and this is good for her, although this truth may not be appealing to men and women who are doing great, but I want her to remember this, and if it takes me my entire life to teach this to her I would do it — and learn with her for I am still in this school of learning this myself, that even when life is great or we are in pain, I want her to know that life is more than pleasure, life is more than pain, there’s more to life than what we feel, or think, eat or possess.

I am sure that the One who began a good work in you will carry it on until it is completed. Philippians 1:6

I guess not a lot of people who are on the road to self-actualization will like being not in control. I didn’t like it. But one day, things changed. I gave the control to the God I trust. I began to hate that road and I am thankful I left that road before I crashed.

My sheep listen to my voice. I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27

I know, I’ve been there, it sure feels good to gain a little bit of credit for what we have become, are becoming…

Lord, I know that people don’t control their own lives. They don’t direct their own steps. Jeremiah 10:23

Or, it might be wonderful to have the cosmos to blame if they are on a downward spiral from bad to worse, or, they to justify self-inflicted pain when they turn to themselves and attack themselves for their misfortunes, or for the sake of having to attribute the evils of their life, they can turn to their idea of God and raise their fist against Him if they believe or profess to believe a supernatural being who is almighty, omniscient and omnipresent. That is rebellion, but it would be pointless, actually.

Those who trust in themselves are foolish. But those who live wisely are kept safe. Proverbs 28:26

And another thing, I tell my daughter that she was not born a good person. A lot of people, well-meaning ones, of course, would probably try to cheer her up or boost her ego one day. I hope she will not fall into the trap of believing them. I hope she remembers the Word of God.

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord. Proverbs 6:23





Phonics First

I didn’t know sight words existed until my daughter turned four. A mom told another mom, and I was eavesdropping, this:

“What? Your child doesn’t know sight words? She should know sight words at the age of four!”

That sent me to panic mode.

From then on, I began to look for materials to use to teach my child “sight words” to be able to read. But I also read “What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know” by E.D. Hirsch and I somehow was convinced I didn’t need to be scared in the first place for my four-year old YET. Good thing.


Sight or Sound? BOTH!

From experience, I know being partial to and relying heavily on sight words instruction may not be good for my child. I don’t remember memorizing sight words when I was little!

What I know is that our teacher engaged us in class reading everyday. And we had to read together pages and pages of Henny Penny and other stories ALOUD. The reading material was reproduced on the board or written on Manila paper so that Mrs. Flores, my Grade 1 teacher can point to misread words on the board with her rod, errr stick. So it was that she read to us, and we read together as a class. Sight words skills just fell into place, I believe.

A reading expert named Hazel Loring wrote this:

“All of my teaching experience has confirmed my belief that directional guidance, inherent in the blend phonics system, is the key to success in teaching reading.” 


My Child’s Reading, So Far

Insofar as my child is concerned, who is a work-in-progress, she is reading wonderfully already (and I’m proud of her!”) and she has learned to use phonics to her advantage. How did she do it? Well — she sounds ’em out words!

I don’t discount the fact that many parents may think books about teaching your child to read can be quite expensive, ’cause they are.

If you like to buy SSRW books, go ahead! Bob Books are also wonderful! But I remember dreaming of having the SSRW but it will cost an arm and a leg (for me)!

And anyway, I don’t believe that I needed it really, because of the loads of free stuff and good deals everywhere! (If there is a freebie, or one I can get in the cheap, I will NEVER buy the expensive ones, even if I’ve got money to burn. But that’s just me. ❤ )


Phonics Book Published in the Philippines

So let’s go local. Yes. In the Philippines, National Book Store and Anvil got together to print a book entitled THE NEW Reading with Phonics by Julie Hay and Charles E. Wingo. This book is only 145 PESOS — talk about a good deal!

But wait till I share the merits of this book.


Via the National Bookstore Online Shop.


The New Reading with Phonics by Julie Hay and Charles E. Wingo by NBS and Anvil is a wise choice for the following reasons:

1.  It’s a tiny book. It’s one-half of a short bond paper in size, and the slim title is very easy to handle by a kid, and to carry along in your tote bag, mama!

2. It’s nicely bound.  It won’t stay open when you lay it on the table as you read, but the binding is great and seems durable! Just cover it with plastic and you’re good to go. This one can be passed on to the next sibling!

3. It’s colored! The illustrations are fun! The layout is simple and intuitive and no-nonsense. I love books like these!

4. The leaves are smooth and glossy. Oh, thank God for a book that is aesthetically appealing and affordable at the same time!

5. The technique is great! It is phonics based and at the end of every lesson is a short but level-appropriate reader. For practice, you can buy readers for your child from Booksale or Chapters and Pages or Books for Less.

Just be careful to wait for your child to be ready to read the more complicated ones. Sight words knowledge will come almost naturally. Try sounding them out, too, why not?! When in doubt (since we are not Native English Speakers — listen to the Word from a dependable online dictionary.) You’ll be amazed what your child can accomplish when you follow this path.

But the most important thing is this: READ TO YOUR CHILD! The more natural approach in mixing phonics and sight words instruction is reading to him. Soon, he will make connections with sounds and sight and boom! A child who is frequently read to will be soaring with you in reading before you know it.


If you want an entirely FREE resource, check out this site by a generous educator! He’s got GREAT (I’m jumping here!) resources you NEED to check out BEFORE YOU BUY ANY BOOK to teach your child to read.

You might find out you don’t need to buy any book when you find out the AMAZING FREEBIES he’s got organized for you. Mr. Don Potter’s website is AMAZING, do check it out and PRINT HIS BLEND PHONICS MATERIALS OUT! Potter, by the way, had this to say of Loring’s Blended Phonics method:

Loring’s method is taught from the chalkboard or overhead. Students learn to blend the sounds of the letters from left to right, one after the other. They do not see the whole word at a glance; therefore, they are required to look at each letter in proper sequence. The blending is done in this order, for example “bat:” b+a = ba, ba+t = bat.” Dr. I. A. Beck calls this “sequential or cumulative blending.”


If you want to buy THE NEW Reading with Phonics book you can buy online from National Book Store here

This is not a sponsored post, mamas. 🙂 I just love promoting local publishers and free resources online, that’s all!



Good Old


I know, the effects are WONDERFUL in new movies, but hey, let’s set that aside for a while.

Yesterday, I had to tell my child that what she considers “new” things (whether stories, toys or ideas) have been lifted/patterned/inspired by/from the old, so the old is just as important (and in many ways, more important) as/than the new.

Just go to the website of Project Gutenberg and browse their “Children’s Literature Bookshelf” to see what I mean. Here’s a link.

We were watching Jungle Book and we were debating on whether the new version is better for watching than the old version. I explained to her that the story by Rudyard Kipling is pretty much the same in both the new and the old.

And on its third or fourth run (the Bare Necessities song already ruining my concentration in the kitchen), she argued that she needed to watch the movie (again) to be creative (’cause she was going to draw something), and my wise self was quick to hand her the book from our shelf to end the argument.

I love homeschooling because I get to be so close to my child as to address her questions when I need to. (*wink)

Here’s the thing:

Just like any meticulous parent who’s got an old soul, and see a good reason for it, I don’t want her to grab the newest trends without thinking. Many of us are being programmed actually to take what’s new over what’s been written or made years before on account of the criterion of AGE alone.

Likewise, I am careful she won’t be caught in the trap of buying new stuff when we have an older version (say, of books) no matter how updated the freshly pressed ones may look for commercial purposes.

I was preparing her for a lifetime of learning, actually, and literary appreciation, and creative pursuits. Wells of ideas for any endeavor flow steadily from classics. Just check out Project Gutenberg and you’ll know that the old are still good and a plus for a frugal mom like me, they need not be purchased.


The old is constantly given new garb, so don’t be fooled! If you have a good printer, you can print the books of Thornton W. Burgess and save money. You can also print readers, phonics sheets, etc. and other books that interest you or at least read them in ebook form if you don’t want to print them out.

So why defend the old? (Not everything of the old needs to be defended, though, but only the good ones! Choose wisely!)

As a Christian mom, I want her to see the beauty of good, old things, and in this category is the Word of God. The latter can be read afresh and anew daily regardless of how antique it may seem to some.

God’s faithfulness is new every morning to His children, and through the Holy Spirit, God’s Word is new every day and is valuable to us TODAY. God still accomplishes His salvific work through His Word as we speak.

That last one was really the point of the conversation, really.


Isaiah 55:10-11

For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven, And do not return there without watering the earth And making it bear and sprout, And furnishing seed to the sower and bread to the eater; 11So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; It will not return to Me empty, Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.



The Fables of my Ancestors, Part 1

still-life-teddy-white-read.jpgIt is sad fact that I must relate, and probably, many of my peers will agree with me, that when we entered school as wide-eyed toddlers in the 80s, the first stories we heard were stories concocted in the West by our Caucasian brothers.

I do not discount the fact that the likes of tales of Beatrix Potter, Jill Barklem (who just recently died at the young age of 66) and others (like Thornton W. Burgess, or his naturalist equal (I believe) Arthur Scott Bailey) who have managed to hold distinctive chairs in literary boardrooms through the test of decay and time are excellent books that will give children a taste of the best literary and artistic works at an early age.

However, I have a feeling that if we were to look at fables of which we are familiar, we don’t hear our voice. Our stories, told by our forbears, who ate saluyot leaves just like us (I’m talking about my Ilocano heritage, for the tale before us in this post originated among the Ilocanos), need to be up there!

(I tried translating them into Ilocano and it’s funny that the connection was easily established —- It was like hearing my dad’s voice in my head, as he told similar stories to us when we were young!”)

And may I add that the wit that was put into our own stories is altogether a reflection of the wealth we have in literature which we may have unwittingly disregarded what with the influx of all the good books from our Western brothers!

Although I am not for boycotting Western fables, I am however for the dissemination of the news: “We have good stories, too!” At least, I am more convinced as I unearth evidence to support my contention that no country or group of people monopolizes charming storytelling and engaging wit in describing people and displaying moral lessons through the lives and times of animals.

I don’t know of a kid who hates animals. Really, I don’t. The importance then of fables to children can be two-fold. First, the moral lesson injected in the different relatable tropes we love where courage wins, generosity prevails, etc. Second, information loaded storytelling making concepts in zoology leap from the page in a way that engages and inspires.

That stated, let me share a story entitled “The Monkey and the Turtle”, an Ilocano tale which, though  Mabel Cook Cole identifies to be “Christianized” in its elements and bears the likeness of European stories, is still very much original in the sense that no one has ever claimed it to be theirs! And by the way, the following story has not been sanitized, for unlike the version we are all accustomed to, this one might be too gruesome for you.

C.S. Lewis comments on the issue of originality nicely:

“Even in literature and art, no man who bothers about originality will ever be original: whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring twopence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten, become original without ever having noticed it.”

Happy reading!

The Monkey and the Turtle


A monkey, looking very sad and dejected, was walking along the bank of the river one day when he met a turtle.

“How are you?” asked the turtle, noticing that he looked sad.

The monkey replied, “Oh, my friend, I am very hungry. The squash of Mr. Farmer were all taken by the other monkeys, and now I am about to die from want of food.”

“Do not be discouraged,” said the turtle; “take a bolo and follow me and we will steal some banana plants.”

So they walked along together until they found some nice plants which they dug up, and then they looked for a place to set them. Finally the monkey climbed a tree and planted his in it, but as the turtle could not climb he dug a hole in the ground and set his there.

When their work was finished they went away, planning what they should do with their crop. The monkey said:

“When my tree bears fruit, I shall sell it and have a great deal of money.”

And the turtle said: “When my tree bears fruit, I shall sell it and buy three varas of cloth to wear in place of this cracked shell.”

A few weeks later they went back to the place to see their plants and found that that of the monkey was dead, for its roots had had no soil in the tree, but that of the turtle was tall and bearing fruit.

“I will climb to the top so that we can get the fruit,” said the monkey. And he sprang up the tree, leaving the poor turtle on the ground alone.

“Please give me some to eat,” called the turtle, but the monkey threw him only a green one and ate all the ripe ones himself.

When he had eaten all the good bananas, the monkey stretched his arms around the tree and went to sleep. The turtle, seeing this, was very angry and considered how he might punish the thief. Having decided on a scheme, he gathered some sharp bamboo which he stuck all around under the tree, and then he exclaimed:

“Crocodile is coming! Crocodile is coming!”

The monkey was so startled at the cry that he fell upon the sharp bamboo and was killed.

Then the turtle cut the dead monkey into pieces, put salt on it, and dried it in the sun. The next day, he went to the mountains and sold his meat to other monkeys who gladly gave him squash in return. As he was leaving them he called back:

“Lazy fellows, you are now eating your own body; you are now eating your own body.”

Then the monkeys ran and caught him and carried him to their own home.

“Let us take a hatchet,” said one old monkey, “and cut him into very small pieces.”

But the turtle laughed and said: “That is just what I like, I have been struck with a hatchet many times. Do you not see the black scars on my shell?”

Then one of the other monkeys said: “Let us throw him into the water,”

At this the turtle cried and begged them to spare his life, but they paid no heed to his pleadings and threw him into the water. He sank to the bottom, but very soon came up with a lobster. The monkeys were greatly surprised at this and begged him to tell them how to catch lobsters.

“I tied one end of a string around my waist,” said the turtle. “To the other end of the string I tied a stone so that I would sink.”

The monkeys immediately tied strings around themselves as the turtle said, and when all was ready they plunged into the water never to come up again.

And to this day monkeys do not like to eat meat, because they remember the ancient story.

N.B. This story was taken from Mabel Cook Cole’s public domain book entitled “Philippine Folktales” via Project Gutenberg. 

Hope and Dream


Hope’s got a friend —

her name is Dream.

When the roads don’t end,

when the light is dim —


Hope takes a look;

Dream holds her hand.

And together they cook

a wonderful plan.


Hope says, “I hope—”,

Dream says, “I wish —”;

Hope says, “It’s possible!”,

Dream says, “It is!”


When they travel together,

with Faith on the side;

the horizon is brighter,

and the shadows hide.


(c) Ruth M. Solitario



From Rote

I am fascinated by how painters work. I do not paint. My canvas is the blank computer screen and my material are thoughts and their counterpart in words. I was imagining what it would be like to paint from rote, or when the subject is absent, missing or gone. Time is fleeting, and so is memory. Do you sometimes forget things? My uncle suffered from Alzheimer’s. How painful it must be for his children when their father couldn’t even remember the names of the faces that appeared from nowhere, so it seems. Here’s to remembering and forgetting and being human.


From Rote

The painter sat on his stool, his colors with him.

The colors were handpicked by his own hand.

The canvas was spread out before him.

The blue was a true one, from the sky.

The red, from a heart that is punctured.

The pink, from a love that won’t die.

The black, from a galactic hole, an abyss.

And all the other colors, from the finest

of the stars commingled in his palette.

Matched by the orchestra that played in his heart,

now, his baton must conduct the turmoil.

But the lady is fading,

and no color can restore what is going — is gone.

The master sat on his stool with the most beautiful colors

to paint an altered memory.


19 September 2010, 17 April 2018


Blossom Friends


When God made friends,

was he looking at flowers

with lovely colors

and splendid scents?

Flowers grow from seeds

that sprout from the ground;

friendships abound

because of kind deeds.

Flowers are pretty and

charming, too —

friends make days blue

a little sunny.

When God sowed seeds

Flowers grew…

me and you

among the weeds.



Gladness in the Valley


Though I walk through death’s valleys, I will fear no evil.” – King David


Will you drink the cup with gladness

Or would you rather complain of the trifles

of existence, the inconveniences,

the nonsenses and caprices or whimsicalities…

Will you raise your hands in adoration even

when they are heavy with age, tumors, boils, or chains…

Or when arrows pass by and you are taunted by the spears

of friends who are singing elegiac songs…

When a cross adorns your shoulder

And your eyes flush out tears in the presence of your captors

When your flesh is a bag for thorns

And your enemies step on your gardens

Will you drink the cup with gladness

Or would you rather complain of the trifles

of existence, the inconveniences,

the nonsenses and caprices of your life?