Carve Out Your Creative Space

You will reap so many benefits after decluttering your space. And one of the benefits of a decluttered lifeworld is this: you can pursue what you are passionate about with less baggage under better conditions. I am not talking about those daily work we need to do for our families and friends, although we are passionate about them, too. […]

Rainy Day Thoughts (12 June 2018)

  I love rainy days. But I understand not everyone would agree with me. Near where I live, heavy rains bring about floods. Areas that are beside rivers, lakes and seas can become dangerous places to be in. Low lying spots suffer the most. I used to rent an apartment in Roxas District. Drizzles make […]

Walking is the New Running For Me

  Manifesto A pair of trainers to run the earth, With people I hold dear; A pair of sunglasses to watch the sky As the day is drawing near, A prayer in my pocket, the Word in my heart And love to tell me why — These are the things that I must keep close […]