Rainy Day Thoughts (12 June 2018)

  I love rainy days. But I understand not everyone would agree with me. Near where I live, heavy rains bring about floods. Areas that are beside rivers, lakes and seas can become dangerous places to be in. Low lying spots suffer the most. I used to rent an apartment in Roxas District. Drizzles make […]

My Darling May Bud

My May Bud How precious you are, dear daughter of mine, And if my heart were a garden of roses — The Lord planted you in its bosom where The rays love to sit first thing in the morning.   Ruth Solitario Last night, I told my daughter a big truth. It is this: Her […]

Hope and Dream

Hope’s got a friend — her name is Dream. When the roads don’t end, when the light is dim —   Hope takes a look; Dream holds her hand. And together they cook a wonderful plan.   Hope says, “I hope—”, Dream says, “I wish —”; Hope says, “It’s possible!”, Dream says, “It is!”   When […]

From Rote

I am fascinated by how painters work. I do not paint. My canvas is the blank computer screen and my material are thoughts and their counterpart in words. I was imagining what it would be like to paint from rote, or when the subject is absent, missing or gone. Time is fleeting, and so is […]

Gladness in the Valley

“Though I walk through death’s valleys, I will fear no evil.” – King David   Will you drink the cup with gladness Or would you rather complain of the trifles of existence, the inconveniences, the nonsenses and caprices or whimsicalities… Will you raise your hands in adoration even when they are heavy with age, tumors, […]