A Full-Attention Love

Last night, my daughter was eagerly anticipating the opening of several boxes of gifts that she knew were intended for her.

My husband and I decided to buy several items from a nearby mall. We bought a globe that doubles as a lamp, a Hello Kitty boombox, and other stuff my daughter needs for school and play.

Yes, we are decluttering, but we do not intend to hold back from buying things that will enrich us and make us have fun moments together.

Ahh, moments. Time. It comes at a high cost these days….

Day in the Life

The day had been really tiring but exhilarating (it’s no surprise both must be together most of the time when you’re with children). It was Sunday, the Lord’s day, and we had the opportunity to be with a gracious couple and their little ones.

My daughter had been super excited the day before, but for some reason, had trouble sleeping through the night. She had a clogged nose and she couldn’t sleep.

When a child cannot sleep, the parents cannot sleep, too. When she’s sick, it’s as if dad and mom are sick as well. Suffice it to say, we were up all night and almost through daybreak.

Home Remedies and Then Some

But paracetamol, a good massage, eucalyptus oil diffused in the room, chicken soup with semi-ripe papaya fruit and a glass of warm milk, plus some TLC (read aloud and hugs) really helped.

So it turned out, we did not cancel Sunday worship and the play date thereafter because she did feel better and I, felt relieved, too!

God answered our prayer for her immediate recovery. God moved, but then we were also there, used by the Lord to minister to our child and love her.

Your Undivided Attention, Please

While taking care of her needs, she had on a look of semi-surprise. Maybe she was thinking — “Mom is just loving me, no scolding right now, no talk about time, just being with me.”

You see, my decluttering adventure and other matters I had to deal with these past weeks had sort of detached me from her. Yes, I was there, but there were times I have certainly made her feel she was a distraction from the tasks I had written down to accomplish.

And that is just… sad. I looked at her face again and relished the look of enjoyment fill her. My uninterrupted attention bathed her with joy. Oh, I love that look. Can’t have enough of it…

Funny, I didn’t even notice she was already guzzling sleep to help her recover her strength.

The Gifts and the Just Gifts

Now there are gifts like toys, stuff, and then there are those intangible gifts, the best ones — like LOVE displayed in TIME spent.

I turned off the globe lamp and the CD player (we are a bit old school — and I had to think of ways to use the good CDs we have at home) and went back to her side to enjoy more uninterrupted time with her.

We both felt great waking up, secure in the love we have for each other.