Rainy Day Thoughts (12 June 2018)



I love rainy days. But I understand not everyone would agree with me. Near where I live, heavy rains bring about floods. Areas that are beside rivers, lakes and seas can become dangerous places to be in. Low lying spots suffer the most. I used to rent an apartment in Roxas District. Drizzles make knee deep rivers on streets. Storms cover entire first floors. I was out of that apartment when the big Habagat of 2011 hit the country. The water reached the second floor. And we’re not talking about fresh water. I once heard a guy tease his friend: “You smell like the river.” Yes, these folks know the smell of dead rivers.

I love rainy days. But I remember not loving it when I was young. Where I was born, rains brought about landslides that killed people. A friend of mine, who sang Alto in the school choir died when a mudslide engulfed the van she was riding. And then there’s the cold — it was hard to bear the cold rain on your back. When I was a kid, going to school was tricky when there’s a monsoon rain or typhoon. Water hits every side of you, umbrellas are useless. Plus we had to carry bags full of books. I hated it when my books got wet. I hated it when my socks were drenched. We walked to school then.

I love rainy days. But I understand that when it’s raining its harder to cope with whatever you’re going through. I don’t know, some people feel gloomy when it rains. I used to, I guess, but I was easy to appease. A bowl of soup will do the job, plus a hug from the people I love. I love the rain because I can stay in bed and read a book. I can sing a song and shout till the veins show. I love the rain because I realize there are frogs nearby, their chorus reminds me they’ve been there all along. And then the tap tapping sound of the rain on my roof, that’s just lovely. Music to my ears.

I love rain. I thank God for the rain. What do you love about the rain? I pity those who cannot love the rain right now because of the circumstances they are in. And if you’re one of them, —




I pray you’re safe. I hope you’re having

a cup of tea, or coffee, or anything that would

make you overlook the falling rain upon your roof.

I wish you good company or at least,

WIFI to call up the friend from afar.

May the rains be gentle on your flowers.