Office Schooling

Today, we will be office schooling. Huh? I hear you saying. This might be unfamiliar terrain for you. You might have heard of home schooling, but wait, office schooling?

If you’re a working mom, you can office school if your company permits and if your work is the type that can wiggle enough room for it.

That said, may I say that it is still a type of unconventional schooling (meaning: you are the primary teacher 🙂 ) though for us, we do this rarely nowadays for some reasons I’d probably talk about in future posts.

Why am I doing this post? Well, I just wanted people to know that office schooling is possible! If you’re considering home schooling but have to go out at times to meet clients or have an 8-5 job, you should know that office schooling is possible, provided you get clearance from your boss.

If you have your own office, and you are your own boss, well, that would be easier I guess. It’s a choice you may have to make if you find home schooling enticing.

Personally, I can do my work from home, so I don’t usually go to the office to teach my child unless a client needs to talk to me personally. Like today. A client from Quezon will visit the office. I’m excited to meet her again and perhaps, taste some goodies from her town? 🙂

So today, we are office schooling and here are the things I will be bringing:

My Homeschool Planner

When homeschooling on-the-go, one has to be flexible. Reliance on structure can be relaxed. This mindset must be in place or the teacher-parent might be overwhelmed, especially since a client meeting may last longer than planned, and be more stressful than imagined. 🙂 Still, it is good to stick to a schedule, both in meeting up with a client and in teaching a child.

Easy to Carry Books and Workbooks

While homeschooling at home affords a teacher-parent the luxury to use those thick workbooks and textbooks, it is wise to travel light when office schooling. You may opt to photocopy a page of your textbook or workbook which you will use for the day, or, like what I’m used to doing — bringing in the reinforcements — my easy to carry workbooks. I rarely carry textbooks when I go to the office with my child since they are heavy.

If you do opt to regularly office school, you can leave your materials on a shelf in your office, or a box. That way, you don’t have to bring materials daily in your commute.

Paper for Copywork and Dictation Exercises

I try to keep her copywork sheets and dictation exercise sheets uniform. This makes it easy for me to compile them for portfolio reviews and submissions. So I bring these sheets with me.

Extra Paper for Cutting and Folding, etc.

I also do like to bring extra sheets where she can doodle or draw, or colorful paper to fold and cut as she pleases. The office is the last place in the world where you can find colorful paper! But you can always innovate and can definitely use old magazines from your office for cut-outs and recycled paper (bond paper with print at the back) for your child’s art activities.

A Book Your Child Wants to Read Just Because

I also let my child choose a book she wants to read. Lately, she’s been into the Horrible Geography titles, so I let her get a book she likes for when she is “bored”.

A Small Toy She Wants to Bring

Again, she just might want a small toy to bring for when she is “bored”. She’s a child and staying at the office can be too stressful for her type. She’s usually allowed a toy or two, as long as it doesn’t make too much noise and small enough to fit her bag. It’s a rule: she carries her toys and books by herself, so here, she needs to choose wisely!

This is office schooling for me, in a nutshell. Oh, and by the way, I try to take her to a coffee shop afterwards so we can sip a cup of cocoa together after working hard! We’re a team, and we celebrate a day’s worth of study and work at the same time!

Ahh, flexibility. I just love having a wide range of options when it comes to teaching my child. I mean, there are a lot of things we cannot control but certainly, once you get the hang of homeschooling and when you see the benefits of it, you find that your elbow room is quite wide.

Plus, you can proceed with your homeschooling day successfully, no matter the demands on your work or personal life. The place of study becomes immaterial, actually. After all, as they say, the world is your classroom when you homeschool.